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Private Attorney General's OBJECTIONS Re: Income tax rebutted: ..Tom Cryer's winning legal brief

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    Greetings Matthew, friends, associates et al.: It is considered proper etiquette to use Bcc: when broadcasting email to a long list: in that way, the email
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      Greetings Matthew, friends, associates et al.:

      It is considered proper etiquette to use Bcc: when broadcasting email to a long list:
      in that way, the email addresses are normally hidden from the recipient(s),
      thus helping to respect and maintain the privacy of those addresses.

      For the record, when attorney Tommy Cryer was first charged with "tax evasion",
      I took the liberty of mailing to him printed hard copies of our research
      proving the need for a
      LIABILITY STATUTE, of which there is none e.g.:

      http://www.supremelaw.org/ press/rels/subpoena.htm
      http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/ 2amjur2d.htm
      http://www.supremelaw.org/sls/ 2amjur2d.gif  (scan of original)
      http://www.supremelaw.org/cc/ williamson2/appeal/nad06.htm  (see Item (7) )

      Compare IRC 3403 for a bona fide LIABILITY STATUTE for subtitle C "employment" taxes:

      (there is NO SUCH STATUTE for subtitle A "income" taxes, however !!!)

      Mr. Cryer never replied, answered, acknowledged or even thanked me for that research.

      And yet, he based a comprehensive BRIEF in large part on that key point:

      http://www.supremelaw.org/cc/ cryer/

      I don't mind if our research helps people, but I DO MIND if those people
      refuse or fail to give credit where credit is due.

      If Americans insist on being selfish, materialistic, hypocritical, full of pride
      and disrespectful of others, they can deal with their own bad karma
      when the time comes:  I do NOT plan to be around or available to help
      at the moment that happens.

      p.s.  Stealing thunder is still THEFT!

      Sincerely yours,
      /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
      Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ decs/agency/private.attorney. general.htm
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ reading.list.htm
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ index.htm (Home Page)
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ support.policy.htm (Support Policy)
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ guidelines.htm (Client Guidelines)
      http://www.supremelaw.org/ support.guidelines.htm (Policy + Guidelines)

      All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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      Subject: Fw: Income tax rebutted:..Tom Cryer's winning legal brief

      Wow! A ton of information for rebuttal letters to the IRS. I haven't had time to read and
      study all the information as of yet. Feedback is welcome.


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      Subject: Income tax rebutted:..Tom Cryer's winning legal brief

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      Subject: Fw: Income tax rebutted:..Tom Cryer's winning legal brief

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      Subject: Income tax rebutted:..Tom Cryer's winning legal brief
      To: "Lee" <leeswebmail@...>
      Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011, 8:05 PM

      Oct 6, 2011

      Hi, All

      This legal brief was used by lawyer Tom Cryer to help win his court
      case for non-filing.  It may be the best, greatest legal brief ever
      submitted on a tax case.

      For background on Tom's winning case see further below in previous
      email. Be sure to hear the audio of him.

      Here is a brief one page summary of the brief:

      Full brief, call the MEMORANDUM:


      IRS uses PRESUMPTION people owe a tax, and one must effectively rebut
      this with valid law, court decisions, case cites. IRS tries to claim
      that any money received is subject to federal income tax. However,
      the Constitution says only a per capita tax (all pay same amount)
      is the ONLY direct tax are allowed to be imposed by the federal
      govt on the people of the states.  Roosevelt's Victory Tax for WWll,
      legally only applicable to govt employees and a few other categories,
      was picked up voluntarily by the people of the States to support the
      war. After the war, it was such a cash cow, that the govt continued
      it, and now operates on PRESUMPTION that all people volunteer to
      pay it.

      See the ebook way below, titled:

      Presumption: Chief (Govt) Tool for Unlawfully Enlarging Federal


      You can build a record of GOOD FAITH RELIANCE by putting Tom's
      brief and other items below such as the 2000 page Famguardian ebook,
      The Great IRS Hoax: Why You Don't Owe Income Tax


      on a DVD or CD and sending it in with your rebuttal letters to
      IRS. DVD holds more than a CD, be sure to get a DVD-R, that cannot
      be erased.  Pack it with supporting legal materials.

      Always keep your originally signed letters and send IRS copies if
      you ever go to court.  Be sure to send all letters and enclosures
      with a Third Party Notarized Witness of Mailing, and a Certificate
      of Service.  Thus the materials are immediately presentable as proof
      of mailing to IRS.  IRS cannot claim you didn't send a response
      letter with specific enclosures. Enclosures and the letter, DVD are
      now evidence that can go to a jury or grand jury which will expose
      IRS fraud.

      Email me if questions.

      To learn how to do this, go here. Click on the link at the left
      titled, GENERAL,


      Check out Dave Champion's new book, Chapter One free for
      download. Dave will mail a copy at half price to the IRS office
      that is dunning you tax bills (by presumption) to build up your
      GOOD FAITH reliance.

      Lee (Previous email below)

      Sharing useful/interesting information for a better society.

      Hi, All,

      Three GREATvideos:

      #1 Kill the Income Tax in 20 Minutes:

      Three videos below on this link:


      Kill the Income Tax in 20 Minutes

      No Direct Taxation of Income Allowed Under the Constitution

      Form 1040 is NOT Required By Law to Pay Income Tax

      Lawyer Tom Cryer investigates income tax and discovers fraud on
      Americans, stops filing 1040 forms, wins court case, starts campaign
      to abolish the income tax fraud:


      Must hear radio interview of Tom Cryer




      Toms website---super:


      Joe Bannister, former IRS Criminal Investigator, discoverers IRS
      fraud on Americans, resigns, stops filing 1040 forms, wins court
      case, now radio host:


      See Download for free Chapter One of his book:


      I put the ebooks below and others on a DVD

      and mail it in with response and rebuttal letters to better

      establish GOOD FAITH reliance. Also, evidence that can be presented
      to a jury if necessary.

      A tour de force of Trade or Business scam

      in the first three items below!

      When IRS receives a W2 or 1099 at years end, they

      use the concept of PRESUMPTION to presume you have

      volunteered into the private, special IRS law system.

      When the letters come, they must be rebutted skillfully.

      If push comes to shove, one should judgement proof all

      one's assets and bank accounts. Help with proper rebuttal

      letters are at websites at the end of this email.

      Trade and Business Scam (ie. W2,W4,W9,1099)



      Searching google for Black's Ninth definition of Trade or

      On-line course for Understanding Tax Withholding and Reporting:


      Presumption: Chief (Govt) Tool for Unlawfully Enlarging Federal


      Shortened URL from:

      (Condensed URL from: http://www.sedm.org/LibertyU/WithngAndRptng.pdf

      On-line Course for Understanding Income Tax: www.tinyurl.com/ck752v

      (Shortened URL for:  www.sedm.org/LibertyU/Taxes.pdf)

      Why Govt Can't Assess Human Beings Without Their Consent


      Shortened URL for:

      Government Burden of Proof


      Shortened URL for:

      Why TIN Illegal

      This ebook explains why it is illegal for me to use a TIN, Taxpayer
      Identification Number



      IRS Requirement To Consent

      Apparently, the Internal Revenue Code has never been enacted into
      public law as it is private law for those who consent to occupy a
      "public office."

      www.tinyurl.com/ydmk93u Shortened URL for:

      How the Government Defrauds You Out of Legitimate Deductions for
      the Market Value of Your Labor.

      The IRS is basing their NODs on incorrect, invalid 1099's sent to IRS
      for the years in question.  These represented monies exchanged for
      common law, labor services. The Supreme Court has ruled that labor
      is PROPERTY, and not a corporate profit.  The monies reported on
      the invalid 1099s, to the best of my knowledge, were notconnected
      to a trade or business with the US Government. This ebook and
      the one that follows, by a former U.S. Attorney, contend that
      the cost of labor is 100% deductible from a 1040 return as a cost
      of business.  He contends that IRS has been hiding this fact from
      the American people.  If true, this would zero out incomefor many
      federal citizens.  (I, of course, am NOT a federal citizen with
      contracts for federal benefit payment programs like SS, medicare,
      federal unemployment etc.)


      Condensed URL from:

      Former Asst. US Attorney Confirms Labor is Tax Deductible. (not
      on CD)

      Book: "The New Income Tax Scandal."

      www.tinyurl.com/ybl4d5r Condensed URL for site below:


      Rebuttal to IRS Frivolous Arguments Pamphlet


      Condensed URL for:

      Your Exclusive Right to Declare or Establish Your Civil Status


      Condensed from:

      DeFacto Government Scam



      Citizens' Rule Book: Jury Handbook



      Legal Basis for the Term: Non-Resident Alien



      The Great IRS Hoax: Why You Don't Owe Income Tax

      Free 2000 page ebook, download free:

      Shortened URL for:



      See link to Pubs/Forms for more free ebooks:


      and sister site:


      Both sites above have pre-written letters to correspond

      to specific letter/notice codes. See their bookstore.

      However, letters are written for those who have resigned from SS,
      but still plenty of GREAT law cites! See Bookstore.

      This site has pre-written letters for those still in the SS program:



      Recommended; a superb tax law research

      member research souce with over 3000 postings.


      Help with removing liens, levies:



      www.anti-irs.com (see free ebook!!)


      General research:




      Click on link to Tax book:


      (see book for sale)

      Also click on all the links at the top.

      Also see link in the middle of home page for the


      TAX FRAUD.

      Three videos: #1 Kill the Income Tax in 20 Minutes:


      No law compels a private-sector non-governmentally-privileged work eligible man or woman to submit a form W-4 or W-9 (or their equivalents), nor to obtain or disclose an SSN as a condition of being hired or keeping one's job.  With the exception of an order from a court of competent jurisdiction issued by a duly qualified judge, no amounts can be lawfully taken from one's pay (for taxes, fees or other charges) without the worker's explicit, intentional, knowing, voluntary, written consent.
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