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    Note: watch this and download before it's taken offline kathelee


    Ron Paul Rosecrucian


    Ron Paul freemason and his ties to the "Rosey Cross" better known as

    The November/December 1929 article, entitled Fraternitys Ritual of Ancient
    (official site link):


    Ron Paul's presidential Bid:
    -Official fraternity publication site (Cross and crescent) article:

    -Official site link to the whole pdf:

    John ("Jack") E. Mason - Master Craftsman:
    -Official site article:

    -Official site link to complete pdf:

    Detailed study of luciferianism and masonry:


    Check out this short series:


    Ron Paul:

    I highly recommend this site

    Rosicrucian Alchemy is a universal science concerned with such mythical
    ideas as transmutation of elements like lead into gold and humans into gods,
    perpetual motion, free energy, the Philosopher's Stone, Elixir of Life, Holy
    Grail, and Golden Fleece to name a few.


    "Order of Rose and Cross"

    Fraternity originally called

    "Order of the Crescent"

    ca 1450 which claims descent from the "Knights Templar" Godfrey of Bouillon
    ca 1100, the

    "Dragon Lords of Anu"

    (still current eg Order of Garter), the 12th Egyptian (Hyksos) Dynasty

    "House of Sobek"

    This organization goes WAY back.. Connect the dots people because you are
    following a MASTER DECIEVER.



    “Synarchy...is ‘government by secret societies’,

    or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes.

    It is an analogue of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood.”

    ~ Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre



    “In all corners of the earth the words ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,’
    brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our
    banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at
    work boring into the well-being of the Goyim, putting an end everywhere to
    peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the Goya
    States. As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph: it gave us the
    possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card –
    the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence
    of the aristocracy of the Goyim, that class which was the only defense
    peoples and countries had against us.” (Protocol 1.26
    <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/protocols-of-zion.html#1> )

    RON PAUL: THE <http://watch.pair.com/synarchy-6.html#ron-paul>


    RON PAUL: <http://watch.pair.com/synarchy-6.html#ron-paul-provocateur>


    “Congressmen Ron Paul  and Bob Barr...have acknowledged her influence on
    their lives.” (“Ayn Rand <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayn_Rand> ”)

    In his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul recommended that his
    supporters read all of Ayn Rand’s books. Congressman Paul added a disclaimer
    that he has “strong disagreements with her on important matters.”  His
    disagreements with Rand are never stated.

    “Ron Paul. A 10-term U.S. Congressman from Texas, Dr. Paul recently debuted
    a #1 bestselling book, ‘The Revolution: A Manifesto’, and in that book he
    places Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ firmly into his reading list, a couple of
    entries below Ayn Rand’s one-time intellectual ally, Isabel Paterson’s book,
    ‘The God of the Machine’ (which, it seems, both Dr. Paul and Ayn Rand highly
    enjoyed). But the most gracious acknowledgement to Ayn Rand is in what Dr.
    Paul wrote after the entry: ‘I consider all of Rand’s novels worth reading,
    in spite of my strong disagreements with her on important matters.’” (“Ayn
    Rand: The <http://www.nolanchart.com/article5521.html>  missing Libertarian
    Ingredient, the secret Ron Paul ingredient,” The Revolution: A Manifesto
    > , p. 172)

    See: “Ayn Rand  <http://watch.pair.com/synarchy-3.html#ayn-rand> & ‘The

    When asked about Ayn Rand by a Dartmouth student, Rep. Paul responded, “She
    had a lot of influence on me... She didn’t like Libertarians and she was
    much more militant. Our founders were less militant and they didn’t want to
    be involved overseas, and she did, and the Objectivists now are [?] on that.
    But she contributed tremendously. I think Atlas Shrugged might be the second
    most read book in history. You know how she was treated. Nobody would give
    her a review and, if they did, it was horrible, horrible, horrible! It was
    word of mouth, and Atlas is still selling millions of copies because she was
    telling the truth and people are anxious to hear it.” (Ron Paul
    <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjwuGHPilwI>  discusses Ayn Rand video)

    Ron Paul frequently expresses his objections to the Iraq war. Ron Paul
    > , a 2008
    book documenting Ron Paul’s “dynamic statements on hundreds of issues,”
    states in several places, “He voted against the Iraq War.” (pp. xi, xiv,
    xvi, back cover) In October of 2002, Congressman Paul did vote against the
    Iraq War Resolution, H.J. Res. 114. However, Ron Paul’s Nay vote came one
    year late, after military action had already begun in the Mideast. On
    September 14, 2001, Ron Paul voted for H.J.RES.64
    <http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2001/roll342.xml>  “To authorize the use of
    United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks
    launched against the United States.”  H.J. Res. 64 was approved and the
    Senate approved S.J. Res. 23, “Authorization for Use of Military Force
    Against Terrorists.”

    H.J.RES.64 and S.J. Res. 23 provided Congressional authorization for the
    October 7, 2001 invasion of Afghanistan: “Operation Enduring Freedom, the
    official name used by the U.S. Government for its War in Afghanistan,
    together with three smaller military actions, under the umbrella of its
    Global War on Terror.” (“Operation
    <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Enduring_Freedom>  Enduring
    Freedom”) Ron Paul was more than ‘a day late and a dollar short’ – like one
    year, several billions of dollars and thousands of human lives too late. By
    the time Ron Paul voted against the War in Iraq in October of 2002, U.S.
    action in the Middle East was well underway. Where was Congressman Paul’s
    passionate anti-war rhetoric in September of 2001?

    Ron Paul reveals his true Zionist colors by maintaining that Islamic
    terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers on 9-11, and that the U.S. Military
    should be used against them. “Why are we taking precious military and
    intelligence resources away from tracking down those who did attack the
    United States–and who may again attack the United States–and using them to
    invade countries that have not attacked the United States? 22.” (Ron Paul
    > , fn. 22
    Ron Paul, "Questions That Won’t Be Asked About Iraq," U.S. House of
    Representatives, Sept. 10, 2002.)

    The fact is that Ron Paul agrees with Ayn Rand on most of the major issues.
    Although he claims to be pro-life, Congressman Paul would leave the abortion
    issue up to the state legislatures and courts to decide. “Ron Paul believes
    that the ninth and tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution do not grant
    the federal government any authority to legalize or ban abortion. Instead,
    it is up to the individual states to prohibit abortion.” (RonPaul.com
    <http://www.ronpaul.com/on-the-issues/abortion> ) Although Ron Paul claims
    the U.S. needs to return to the Constitution, his Sanctity
    <http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1847717/posts>  of Life Act of
    2007 bypasses the Bill of Rights as well as the Declaration of Independence
    which guarantee the right to life.

    Although he is still a Republican, Ron Paul identifies himself as a
    Libertarian.  Like Ayn Rand, Congressman Paul is passionate in his advocacy
    of a laissez faire free market economics — pure, unregulated, unbridled
    capitalism — which has, for a century, stealthily removed the safeguards put
    in place by the elected U.S. government against the predatory schemes of the
    Jewish banking cartel.  “Ron Paul equates personal freedom with ‘economic
    freedom,’ meaning the ‘freedom’ of the Jewish Capitalists to steal our
    wealth... Know ‘Ayn Rand’ and you will know Ron Paul and what a danger he
    poses to our freedom.” (Christopher Jon Bjerknes) Libertarian advocates of
    laissez faire, free market capitalism preach the diabolical creed of the
    Learned Elders of Sion:

    Protocol 1.6 <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/protocols-of-zion.html#1.6>

    “Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to
    apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the
    masses of the people to one’s party for the purpose of crushing another who
    is in authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself
    been infected with the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and, for the
    sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely here
    that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government
    are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a
    new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot for one single day
    exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of
    the old already weakened by liberalism.”

    “Ron Paul, ‘Ayn Rand’ and ‘The Trust’

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    “Ron Paul, like Alan Greenspan, was heavily influenced by the Russian Jewess
    ‘Ayn Rand’... Ron Paul, the ‘Libertarian’ who wants to erode all the powers
    of the Federal Government which protect us from the Rothschild model of
    laissez faire Capitalism, in the name of ‘freedom’. Ron Paul equates
    personal freedom with ‘economic freedom’, meaning the ‘freedom’ of the
    Jewish Capitalists to steal our wealth with their monopolies, pollute our
    environment with their greed, fill our streets with drug dealers, and rob
    the nation of all our gold and other wealth in the name of creating ‘sound

    “He would increase the advantages of the wealthy by taking away all public
    benefits to our citizens which would provide each American with the
    opportunity to have an education, obtain medical care, drink clean water and
    breathe clean air. Do not be duped by these agents of World Jewry who are
    trying to teach you to destroy yourself and your nation in the name of
    ‘freedom’. We need to do whatever it takes to provide education to our
    citizens, protect our environment, and tend to the needs of those who need
    our help, including using our government as a means to secure and promote
    these vital interests without which personal freedom cannot exist and ceases
    to have real meaning.

    “We need to take back our wealth from the Jewish bankers who have exploited
    Capitalism as a means to syphon off the wealth of Gentiles and leave them
    poor and uneducated. We need to take the press and educational system out of
    the hands of World Jewry and create public schools which teach real history
    and honest social responsibility. Ron Paul’s Ayn Rand selfishness will wipe
    away all Christian values of charity, community and family. It leads
    impoverished fools to blame the poor for their poverty and celebrate the
    ‘right’ of rich Jews to own the media, run the government and suck off the
    wealth, labor and health of the general American public—the supposed ‘right’
    of rich Jews to educate their youth while the young of the Gentiles make
    heroes of thugs and celebrate ignorance and poverty as if the virtues of
    those who are ‘free’...

    “Know ‘Ayn Rand’ and you will know Ron Paul and what a danger he poses to
    our freedom. Know the machinations of the Bolshevik ‘Trust’ and you will
    know why the supposedly anti-Zionist and anti-Communist movements in America
    have always been farces headed by Jews and funded with Jewish money, and why
    they promote Ron Paul. Understand why no advancements are made in the fight
    against Zionism and why these front organizations are such an embarrassment
    to authentic anti-Zionists, why they did nothing during the Israeli attack
    on Lebanon, why they do nothing to rescue the Palestinians, why they have
    done nothing to impeach Bush and Cheney, etc. etc. etc. Know also why at
    critical moments they stage fights among their members and subvert momentum
    and misinform and mislead wherever possible...”

    Libertarianism is a front for the Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises,
    co-conspirator with Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who, with Archduke Otto von
    Hapsburg, established the Pan European Union with funding from Rothschild
    and Warburg. The Austrian School of Economics promised Americans personal
    economic freedom, however, unfettered, free market economics has sold the
    U.S. into economic slavery to the international Jewish banking cartel.

    “Ron Paul’s Ties to Jewish Supremacism and World Government
    > ”

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    “Ron Paul is closely tied to the late Ludwig von Mises through his ideas and
    the institute which bears his name. Ludwig von Mises was in turn closely
    tied to the Jewish supremacist and organizer of World Government, Richard
    Coudenhove-Kalergi. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi promoted the idea of a
    European Union and a pan-American Union. Rothschild and Warburg sponsored

    “Coudenhove-Kalergi also stated that the Jews are a superior race which
    should lead the World, but that all the other races should be mixed, which
    according to him would result in the manifestation of the worst traits and
    the disappearance of the best traits in the Gentile races. Zionist British
    Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli had made similar claims.

    “Coudenhove-Kalergi wanted the different ‘races’ to mix in intermarriage so
    that the children of these unions would be inferior to their parents and
    would lose any sense of cultural and ethnic heritage. He wanted to then
    substitute a new culture of obedience and servitude among this new
    degenerated ‘race’, subservience to a ruling Jewish elite. He would have the
    Jews remain nobly segregated and preserve them as rulers over all others. It
    is a fact that many of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s policies have been instituted.
    Ron Paul is fronting for these von Misian forces.”

    The truth is, Ron Paul is a free trade globalist who desires an
    international currency. The following statement was made by Congressman Paul
    in an address to the House of Representatives in 2001:

    “There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide
    currency.... The effort in recent decades to unify government surveillance
    over all world trade and international financial transactions through the
    UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, ICC, the OECD, and the Bank of International
    Settlements can never substitute for a peaceful world based on true free
    trade, freedom of movement, a single but sound market currency, and
    voluntary contracts with private property rights.... The ultimate solution
    will only come with the rejection of fiat money worldwide, and a restoration
    of commodity money. Commodity money if voluntarily and universally accepted
    could give us a single world currency requiring no money managers, no
    manipulators orchestrating a man-made business cycle with rampant price
    inflation.” (Congressional
    <http://www.singleglobalcurrency.org/governments.html>  Record, 13 March

    “Commodity money” refers to gold and silver coinage which was used before
    fiat currency. Ron Paul’s proposed ‘single worldwide currency’ will fulfill
    the Protocols of Sion.

    Protocol 10 <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/protocols-of-zion.html#10>

    “4. When we have accomplished our coup d’etat we shall say then to the
    various peoples: ‘Everything has gone terribly badly, all have been worn out
    with suffering. We are destroying the causes of your torment –
    nationalities, frontiers, differences of coinages.’”

    Ron Paul not only promotes a common commodity currency, but private gold
    banks which would necessarily be owned by the same international Jewish
    bankers who now own the central banks and their headquarters, the BIS in
    Switzerland. So while Ron Paul campaigns to abolish the Fed, he is
    advocating an international gold bank like the central banking system
    presently in place. The difference may be that the Jewish-owned gold banks
    will hold all of the commodity money, gold, and the Goyim will hold only
    debtor notes.

    “Ron Paul’s Ties to Jewish Supremacism and World Government
    > ”

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    “Paul wants to create private gold banks, which obviously will be
    international and become the centralized entirely private Jewish controlled
    World bank Paul’s bosses seek to institute as a mechanism of World control.
    This new Jewish monopoly on banking and gold will give World Jewry even
    greater control over money and it will be entirely detached from any
    country’s government. This is the ultimate privatization of money creation
    and money supply which International Jewry has always sought. Even the
    system described in Carroll Quigley’s book does not give World Jewry the
    power they will obtain under Ron Paul’s system, which extant system has
    already done so much harm to the Third World and the American dollar,

    “‘The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing
    less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands
    able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the
    world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by
    the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements,
    arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the
    system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a
    private bank owned and controlled by the worlds’ central banks which were
    themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made
    possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power
    for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other
    economic groups.’—Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World
    in Our Time, Macmillan Company, New York, (1966) p. 337.

    “Ron Paul was heavily promoted by the Hollywood Zionist Jew Aaron Russo, who
    claimed a close personal friendship with the Rockefeller family and who
    didn’t want us to talk about ‘Jewish bankers’. Paul’s ties to leading
    Zionists and his promotion by gold merchants and prominent figures in the
    ‘911 truth movement’ who shy away from the proven Zionist Jewish and Israeli
    connection to 911, has been documented by others.”

    Private gold banks? According to Bob Chapman, as reported in his
    International Forecaster, private gold banks which issue digital gold will
    be the route to making a global currency palatable to the masses.  Digital
    gold is electronic gold; in other words, virtual gold which exists only on a
    computer, backed by physical gold in the private gold banks.

    “We are hearing more and more about digital gold as a private-bank solution
    to potential devaluation of fiat currencies. The May/June issue of the
    CFR’s, Foreign Affairs magazine, Brenn Steil a senior fellow and director of
    International Economics, who has been on loan from the parent Royal
    Institute in London since 1996, says digital gold, ‘although a niche
    business at present, gold banking has grown dramatically in recent years in
    tandem with the dollar’s decline.’ Mr. Steil was the Illuminist who drew up
    the plans for the North American Union and the Amero. If there is digital
    gold out there somewhere we haven’t heard about it.

    “The new approach to a world currency obviously will be digital gold. This
    way they can introduce a one-world currency backed by gold to make it
    acceptable to the world public. The digital nature means government would
    know every aspect of your financial life and would control you and your
    country. The gold storage would, of course, be controlled by the
    Illuminists. The elitists have come to the conclusion another fiat currency
    is not going to be acceptable. This is why JP Morgan Chase, Citicorp and
    Goldman Sachs talk in terms of $2,000 gold and UBS projects $2,500.
    Historically such benchmarks are usually and normally exceeded by prices
    from $3,000 to $7,000.

    “Steil says countries should abandon monetary nationalism and embrace a
    world currency. Washington’s latest approach hasn’t worked and the
    CFR-London Institute approach is in trouble as well.” (“Depression, World
    Currency and Digital Gold
    > ”)

    Plans for a private Jewish-controlled World gold bank are confirmed in the
    Protocols of Sion.

    Protocol 20 <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/protocols-of-zion.html#20>

    “22. You are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the states
    which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money,
    the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible.”

    Protocol 3 <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/protocols-of-zion.html#3>

    “10. In the present state of knowledge and the direction we have given to
    its development of the people...a blind hatred towards all conditions which
    it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of
    class and condition. This hatred will be still further magnified by the
    effects of an economic crises, which will stop dealing on the exchanges and
    bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret
    subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in
    our hands, a universal economic crises whereby we shall throw upon the
    streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of

    Two and a half millennia before the Learned Elders planned to confiscate all
    of the world’s gold, the prophet Daniel foretold that their false Jewish
    messiah, the Antichrist, would take possession of the world’s gold and

    “But he shall have power over the treasures of gold
    <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/new-money.html#2.B>  and of silver
    <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/new-health.html#silver> , and over all the
    precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his
    steps.” (Daniel <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/daniel.html#11>  11:43)

    The Jews’ privately owned gold banks, advocated by Ron Paul, will hoard all
    of the world’s physical gold as a reserve asset for the Goyim
    currency—“digital gold.”  Ron Paul appears to be working for the big banks,
    like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase, whose PACs and anonymous employees
    were stealth <http://watchdog.net/p/ron_paul/contrib-employers>
    contributors to his campaign.

    Ron Paul has made much ado about his proposed legislation, H.R. 1207, the
    Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which requires that the Federal Reserve
    System be audited by the GAO and Congress. (RonPaul.com
    /feed> )  However, since the final year of the Bush administration, the U.S.
    financial system has been undergoing an audit by the IMF and World Bank’s
    Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP). Why has Ron Paul not informed
    his supporters of this IMF audit?  Surely Congressman Paul knows about the
    IMF Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP).  Congressman Paul is a
    member of the House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services,
    Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and
    Technology, a member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation and
    the Joint Economic Committee.

    He is also a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Subcommittee on
    International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight, the Subcommittee on
    Western Hemisphere.  “The New Rulers of the World
    <http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7932485454526581006> ” reveals
    what happened to human rights and the economy of one Third World
    nation—Indonesia—when the IMF and World bank got involved.  “Argentina’s
    Economic Collapse
    <http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4353655982817317115> ” tells the
    tragic story of Argentina, a wealthy country until its economy was taken
    over by the IMF.

    Little wonder that the United States is on a fast track to Third World
    status should the IMF, instead of auditing the financial system, be directly
    intervening in the federal government.  Why is Ron Paul silent about IMF
    oversight of the U.S. economy?  Every action taken by the Federal Reserve
    has brought the U.S. closer to economic and monetary collapse.  Jamaica’s
    currency collapsed after undergoing a lengthy IMF audit, and the U.S. is now
    on the brink of a dollar collapse. The Dominican Republic was audited by the
    IMF in 2001-2002 and the next year the financial sector crashed.  In their
    report on the Financial Sector Assessment Program in the Dominican Republic,
    the IMF was careful to cover its tracks and to put the blame on the domestic
    banks’ fraudulent accounting practices, for which the IMF denied

    Dominican Republic FSAP

    “The Dominican Republic provides an important example of the limitations of
    the FSAP process since a major financial crisis occurred shortly after the
    FSAP exercise was completed. This raises questions about how effectively the
    FSAP diagnosed the vulnerabilities that led to the crisis and about how the
    IMF used the results.

    “The FSAP was undertaken in 2001-02, and the FSSA was discussed by the IMF
    Board in June 2002. In early 2003, a run on one of the largest banks—Banco
    Intercontinental (Baninter)—occurred, triggered by the discovery of massive
    fraud. The central bank initially provided substantial liquidity support but
    eventually intervened the bank, removing existing shareholders and
    management. Similar problems related to accounting malpractices and
    mismanagement surfaced in two other banks. These events cumulated into a
    major financial sector crisis, with an eventual cost estimated at between 14
    and 17 percent of GDP.

    “The evaluation, drawing on a detailed review of IMF internal documents and
    extensive interviews, reached the following conclusions:

    “The FSAP did not detect the immediate cause of the crisis, which involved
    the keeping of two sets of accounts by the banks involved. But FSAP
    exercises cannot be expected to detect accounting fraud, and are not a
    substitute for effective national audit and supervisory practices.” (p. 24)

    Congressman Ron Paul preaches the Libertarian doctrines of “economic
    freedom” and “a free market,” however, the outcome of this scheme has been
    more ‘freedom’ for the Jewish bankers to steal personal wealth and destroy
    individual freedoms. He preaches the Austrian School economics of the Jew,
    Ludwig von Mises, who collaborated with the Jewish Coudenhove-Kalergi and
    Otto von Hapsburg to establish the Pan European Union. Ron Paul promotes the
    unbridled capitalism preached by the Jewish atheist, Ayn Rand, who was an
    agent of “The Trust” to destroy morality and ethics in the United States and
    to produce an atheistic youth culture appropriately labeled the “Me
    Generation.”  Rightly did the apostle Paul prophesy, “This know also, that
    in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their
    own selves, covetous, boasters, proud...” (2 Timothy 3:1-2)


    The Libertarian movement is a front for Synarchy, and Ron Paul appears to be
    its major prophet. Masonic authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince define
    “Synarchy” as a theocracy ruled by secret societies.  If Ron Paul is a
    Synarchist, we would expect him to be a member of one or more secret
    societies.  There is, in fact, well-documented evidence that Congressman
    Paul was inducted into a Masonic fraternity in college.

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP94ZW-Z5Kk

    Ron Paul was initiated in the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at his alma mater,
    Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania.  The November 2007 issue of Lambda Chi
    Alpha’s publication, Cross & Crescent, proudly announced “Ron Paul's
    Presidential Bid
    <http://www.crossandcrescent.com/2007/11/ron-pauls-presidential-bid> .”  Ron
    Paul was not only a member but a leader of Lambda Chi Alpha.

    “Congressman Ron Paul (Gettysburg 1957) says the Fraternity provided him
    much fellowship but also supported him financially. He became house manager
    and was paid $9 a month, which paid for his rent. He then took the job of
    kitchen steward, which he says was a little more challenging... Paul also
    served as chapter secretary and was president of his pledge class.”

    The June 2006 issue of Cross & Crescent featured an article about the
    initiation ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha, which was formulated by 33º Mason and
    Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge, John E. Mason. “John (‘Jack’) E. Mason
    - Master Craftsman
    <http://www.crossandcrescent.com/2006/06/jack-mason-master-craftsman> ”

    “Dr. John E.
    <http://www.crossandcrescent.com/2006/06/jack-mason-master-craftsman> ‘Jack
    <http://www.crossandcrescent.com/2006/06/jack-mason-master-craftsman> ’
    Mason Jr. (Pennsylvania 1913), Lambda Chi Alpha’s spiritual founder, died of
    viral pneumonia 60 years ago on June 1, 1946. His unexpected death brought
    to an end the life of a man who converted the dream of our founder into a
    fully functioning fraternal organization.

    “Mason was the principal author of our ritual, the primary designer of our
    badge and insignia, and the founder of our various publications... Mason was
    a prolific and tireless worker, and...he was considered ‘a recognized
    authority in ritual and history in the fraternity world’... Lambda Chi Alpha
    owes a debt incapable of repayment to Jack Mason, who was principally
    responsible for the assembly of our initiation ritual...

    “Mason was an active member of the Masonic Fraternity, serving as the
    Worshipful Master of Continental Lodge #738, F.& A.M. of Pennsylvania in
    1934. Later in his life he became a member of Philadelphia Lodge #51.

    “In 1946, the 20th General Assembly authorized the establishment of the John
    E. Mason Memorial Foundation to commemorate his many contributions. In 1968,
    the Mason Memorial Foundation, the Duke Flad Memorial Fund, and the James T.
    Chirurgs Scholarship were merged into the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational

    “The most fitting monument, however, to Mason’s great talent remains the
    Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.”

    The November/December 1929 issue of Cross & Crescent presented a wealth of
    details on the occult history and character of Lambda Chi Alpha’s ritual.
    The section titled, “Fraternitys Ritual of Ancient Origin
    <http://pdf.crossandcrescent.com/2006/06/history/1929pgg150dpi.pdf> ”

    “In the summer of 1912 Mason, being dissatisfied with the then ritual of
    Lambda Chi Alpha,... began gathering material for a ritual which should
    incorporate existing insignia and combine them with high ethical teaching,
    traditions drawn from the remote past, a certain degree of esoteric
    philosophy, and specific perpetuation of old fraternal rituals.
    Particularly, Mason hoped that he could locate, in some European library,
    one or more ancient manuscripts which would embody long forgotten
    ritualistic teachings. He therefore pored over histories of ancient and
    medieval fraternal bodies, books on occultism, catalogues of notices and
    extracts from libraries, etc. At once a new field opened up.

     “The outlines of fraternal history were sought in such books as
    Heckethorn's Secret Societies of All Ages and Stevens' Cyclopedia of
    Fraternities (copies of which are now in the central office library); books
    on the mystery cults of Egypt, the Orient, Greece, and Rome, by such authors
    as Wallis-Budge, Foucart, Cumont, Farnell, Jane Harrison, Lobeck, and many
    another; books on the esoteric cults of the East, by writers like Max
    Muller, Whitney, and Rhys-Davids; modern books on occultism like those of
    Mme. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Eliphas Levy, Rudolph Steiner, Edouard Schure,
    and A. E. Waite; books on Masonry like those of Gould, Fort, and Mackey –
    all were devoured eagerly; all were laid under contribution, and voluminous
    notes were made from them. 251 South 44th St., Philadelphia, was littered up
    with a strange collection of occult and fraternal lore...

    “...Out of all these emerged a formidable collection of notes for the new
    ritual. In later years, from these same notes was extracted the text of the
    lecture on fraternal traditions...

    “...Out of this welter of material, a few typical and important lessons were
    extracted. What they are is well known to every initiate. It is not so well
    known that several portions of our ritual are extracted from ancient
    fraternal documents, which had lain hidden for many years until they were
    dug up for use in this connection.”

    The historical founder of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was René d’Anjou, the
    ninth Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. According to Wikipedia
    > , René of Anjou founded the chivalric Order of the Crescent, the
    namesake of Lambda Chi Alpha’s publication, Cross & Crescent. The rituals of
    Lambda Chi Alpha are based on the rituals of René d’Anjou’s Order of the

    “René of Anjou...founded an order of chivalry, the Ordre du Croissant, which
    preceded the royal foundation of St Michael, but did not survive René...

    “René and his Order of the Crescent were adopted as ‘historical founders’ by
    the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in 1912, as exemplars of Christian chivalry
    and charity. Ceremonies of the Order of the Crescent were referenced in
    formulating ceremonies for the fraternity.”

    The Cross & Crescent made reference to “good King Rene” as the patron of the
    Order of the Crescent, the precursor and founding body of Lambda Chi Alpha:

    “In connection with the esoteric traditions of the order has grown up an
    interest in visiting the scenes where fraternal bodies of the past have met.
    Thus in 1925 McIntosh and Mason visited Aigues Mortes, traditions meeting
    place of St. Louis' Knights of the Double Crescent; the haunts of good King
    Rene, patron of the Order of the Crescent, in Tarascon and Aix; and in 1927
    Mason and Nicholson paid a simjlar visit to Angers, Rene's birthplace.
    Brother Ferris, also, has made a fraternal pilgrimage to Tarascon, one
    result of which is a beautiful water color sketch of Rene's castle by Mrs.

    Who was René d’Anjou (1409-80)?  The ruler of many medieval territories,
    King René was a powerful figure in the Merovingian dynasty
    <http://watch.pair.com/merovingian.html>  and its Dragon Court
    <http://watch.pair.com/new-government.html#10.G> . The House of Anjou was a
    junior branch of the House of Vere, the highest pedigree of the demonic
    Dragon bloodline. The Dragon bloodline claims to have descended from the
    Canaanite Tuatha de Danaan which had intermarried with the apostate tribe of
    Dan <http://watch.pair.com/dan.html>  in northern Israel. The Tuatha de
    Danaan, also called the Dragon Lords of Anu, were the offspring of the
    fallen angels (Anunnaki).

    “When the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court was reconstituted by King
    Sigismund in 1408 as the Societas Draconis, it was based upon an ancient
    bloodline tradition which Sigismund assumed that he had inherited from his
    presumed Egyptian and Scythian ancestors through the Pictish, Dragon
    Princess Maelasanu of Northumbria and the Ancient and Original Angevin Royal
    House of Vere of Anjou, the Imperial Dukes of Angiers. This line had
    descended through the Tuatha de Danaan (the Dragon Kings of Anu) on the one
    hand, and the Egyptian Dragon Dynasty of Sobek on the other. The latter
    strain included the bloodline of the Davidic House of Judah who married into
    the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks.”  (“Genesis of the Grail
    Kings,” Laurence Gardner)

    The offspring of the Dragon Lords of Anu, or Anunnaki, were giants, which in
    the Hebrew Scriptures are the Nephilim.

    “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth,
    and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of
    men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
    And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he
    also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were
    giants [Strongs #5303 nephiyl] in the earth in those days; and also after
    that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare
    children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of
    renown.” Genesis 6:1-3

    See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Government

    10.D Mount Hermon/Mount <http://watch.pair.com/new-government.html#10.D>

    10.G The Dragon Court <http://watch.pair.com/new-government.html#10.G>

    The sole purpose of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court was to protect the
    descendants of this demonic lineage, from which bloodline will come the
    Antichrist <http://watch.pair.com/false-christ.html> .

    “The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline
    descendants of the ancient Vere family – the senior bloodline successors as
    a Scythian-Merovin, Elven House of Princess Maelasanu – and for those whose
    bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court.”
    (“From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells,” Foreward, Nicolas de Vere)

    Today the Dragon lineage is recognized by the European Union as a sovereign
    ethnic racial group (the seed of Satan).  In fact, the Merovingian dynasty
    has ruled Europe for the better part of the past two millennia.

    “The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is the ancient Household Court and
    Order of the senior Angevin descendants of the Imperial and Royal House of
    Vere of Caledonia, Anjou and Lorraine, and the physical embodiment of the
    Sovereign Princedom of Drakenberg; which is recognised under European Law as
    a sovereign ethnic racial group; the principle nation state of the Draconian

    “Furthermore, the royal and ambassadorial nature of the title of the Prince
    of Drakenberg (Princeps Draconis) is recognised under the ‘Official
    Observations’ of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Government of its
    state of origin within the European Union...” (“The Imperial and Royal
    Dragon Court & Order”)

    This partially explains Ron Paul’s heavy promotion of Ludwig von Mises
    <http://watch.pair.com/synarchy-4.html#mont-pelerin>  who collaborated with
    the founders of the Pan European Union, Coudenhove-Kalergi
    <http://watch.pair.com/synarchy-4.html#coudenhove-kalergi>  and Otto von

    The insignia of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is “the dragon incurved
    into a circle, with a red cross,” the symbol of the Order of the Rose Croix
    or Roscicrucians.

    “In 1408 (when Britain was in her Plantagenet era), the Dragon Court was
    formally reconstituted as a sovereign body at a time of wars and general
    political turmoil... The founding document...stated that members of the
    Court might wear the insignia of a dragon incurved into a circle, with a red
    cross—the very emblem of the original Rosicrucis which had identified the
    Grail succession from before 3000 B.C.” (“Genesis of the Grail Kings,”
    Laurence Gardner)


    SEE: ALL IN THE <http://watch.pair.com/dragon-lineage.html>  DRAGON FAMILY:


    The symbol of Lambda Chi Alpha is the cross and the crescent. According to
    the Cross & Crescent, the crescent signifies the rising moon and its points
    symbolize horns.



    “Warren A. Cole is thought to have designed change, for the only maker of
    the earliest the first Lambda Chi Alpha badge... Its chief feature was a
    crescent with the horns pointed to the left (what is called a ‘rising
    crescent’ because of its resemblance to the rising moon and known in
    heraldry as an increscent) within which appeared the monogram of the
    letters, Lambda, Chi, and Alpha.” (“Fraternitys Ritual of Ancient Origin
    <http://pdf.crossandcrescent.com/2006/06/history/1929pgg150dpi.pdf> ”)

    The horns pointed toward the left signify the rising moon, or Lucifer;
    however, the Lambda Chi Alpha website will not divulge that incriminating

    “The badge is a pearl-set crescent with horns turned toward the left, and
    enclosing a monogram of the Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha.  The
    center of the crescent bears the Greek letters Delta Pi in gold on black
    enamel. A variety of jewels may be selected for the Lambda.

    “Probably no fraternity badge has deeper meaning than that of Lambda Chi
    Alpha. Not only do the pearls, Greek letters, and crescent have their
    symbolism, but each line of the crescent and the relationship of the emblems
    to each other add still greater significance.  The meaning of the badge, of
    course, cannot be discussed here.” (Lambda Chi Alpha Symbols
    <http://www.lambdachi.org/about.aspx?id=920> )

    Was Ron Paul’s spiritual bond with Lambda Chi Alpha, a Roscrucian
    fraternity, severed when he graduated from Gettysburg College?  The
    following statement is found in the Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity:

    “EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS AND MOTTOS A: Know then that the Bond of our
    Brotherhood is an eternal union between its members. The greek phrase of
    Zeugma Adelphotetos Christianikes, or Bond of Christian Brotherhood.
    Henceforth you are one in spirit with every brother of the fraternity.”
    (Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, pp. 103-104, 1987)

    Ron Paul is evidently a High Initiate in the Rosicrucian/Synarchist
    Conspiracy, and may be a bloodline descendant of the Dragon lineage.  The
    Congressman has, on more than one occasion, displayed the Satanic hand
    signal which is used by occultists to identify themselves to fellow
    occultists everywhere.

    Illuminati Hand Signs and Handshakes - Ron Paul

    In the photo below, Ron Paul appears to be saluting the rising moon, i.e.,



    Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, p. 246

    > Satan’s Handsign Everywhere”


    Hand Sign of Horns
    “This sign is A Wiccan sign for receiving power from the Goddess.  Also, the
    ‘horns’ are a representation of the beast of Satan or the Devil salute.”


    Moon Salute
    “This is a sign used by witches to salute the rising moon.”

    (Source: Masonic & Occult Symbols Illustrated)


    Ron Paul’s family are members of Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern
    Star, according to someone who should know—Penny Freeman, his Congressional
    campaign political director and district volunteer coordinator for 10 years:

    On April 20th, 2008 the oak says:

    Liberty Oak Ranch

    Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigotted beliefs. You don’t know
    anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the
    Freemason or Eastern Star organizations.

    1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many
    times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open
    meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years.

    2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and
    maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

    3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another
    organization associated with Freemasonry.

    Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based
    organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. It spawns
    lies and hate toward those who are innocent and have done good for others.
    Just try taking your child to the Shriner’s burn or crippled childrens
    hospital. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and
    will do it free of charge. How many people has your paranoia helped?

    Source:  <http://www.dailypaul.com/node/46310>

    Liberty Oak Ranch is the home of Dr. Gerald and Penny Freeman:

     <http://libertyoakranch.com/aboutus.aspx> Liberty Oak Ranch
    Brazoria County’s Premier Equine Care Facility

    Liberty Oak Ranch is located on the beautiful gulf coast prairie, just 3
    miles northwest of Angleton, Texas. We named our ranch after the huge 4
    trunk spreading oak tree in our yard which we estimate to be about 150 years
    old. Like that old oak, our family has ties to the land.

    Dr. Gerald Freeman has been a veterinarian for 30 years specializing in
    equine and large animal care. Presently we provide mobile vet care. This
    means you don’t have to get out and haul your animal when it is feeling bad
    or just needs a shot. Dr. Freeman will come to you.

    In the very near future we’ll have the latest up to date hospitalization and
    boarding facilities. The building foundation is already in place and we will
    soon be providing long and short term boarding, grooming and of course,
    hospitalization and vet care for your horse.

    Liberty Oak Ranch is a family owned and operated facility that is on the
    premises of our home. We do all the work so you know your animal is in a
    loving environment at all times. Our son, Luke is our foreman and has been
    caring for and training horses since he could walk, (or maybe even before).
    He also has a ranch management company which provides consulting on herd

    At Liberty Oak Ranch there is always a vet and security on the grounds for
    your safety assurance. So, whether your horse needs vet services or is just
    boarding for the night, you know he will get excellent care because we love
    and understand horses.

    Come on by and see us!

    Dr. Gerald and Penny Freeman; Owners

    > Meet Penny Langford-Freeman

    Penny Freeman was Ron Paul’s CD-14 Congressional campaign political director
    and district volunteer coordinator for 10 years. She has tremendous depth in
    political consulting, strategizing, media, fundraising, scheduling, event
    coordination, and especially volunteer organizing. She is a landowner in
    southeast Texas and helps operate a successful large animal veterinarian
    clinic with her husband Dr. Gerald Freeman.

    Penny will be a key statewide leader in a new Ron Paul Republican effort
    which will seek to elect Ron Paul Republicans to offices around the state in
    years to come.

    Penny Freeman’s husband, Dr. Gerald Freeman, belongs to the Freeman
    bloodline which Fritz Springmeier has shown to be an Illuminati bloodline in
    his book The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Is Dr. Gerald Freeman related to
    <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/synarchy-2.html> Gaylord Freeman, the late
    Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion? We cannot say for sure, since there are
    many with the surname, Freeman, who are not Illuminati. However, given
    Gerald and Penny Freeman’s working relationship with Ron Paul, and their
    defense of Freemasonry and Eastern Star, of which many in Ron Paul’s family
    are members, we venture to say that this is a very real possibility.

    In the course of his research, Springmeier found many Freemans in the
    professional fields and advising high level political leaders. The Freeman
    family is not only an Illuminati bloodline, but a high-ranking family within
    its highest cabal, the Prieuré de Sion. In other words, the
    <http://watch-unto-prayer.org/merovingian.html> Merovingian dynasty from
    which the Antichrist will come. Like the Learned Elders, Freemans usually
    work behind the scenes where they will not draw attention:

    “The amazing thing about this family is that it is not a family that people
    would have thought of as being one of the top thirteen; however, for me as a
    researcher of the elite and the Satanic hierarchy, the name pops up with
    surprising frequency... the Illuminati’s activities tied in in many ways to
    the Prieure de

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