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THE VICSIM REPORT: Simulated 9/11 Victims

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  • Ozzy bin Oswald
    [http://i384.photobucket.com/albums/oo283/ozzybinoswald/eyebrowmustache. jpg] ....I am not so sure that the claim is so outlandish.I first smelled a turd
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2009

      "....I am not so sure that the claim is so outlandish.I first smelled a turd when the Feds established a huge 911 Victims
      Fund, up to a MILLION DOLLARS for primary relatives (wife, children)
      THEIR RELATIVES. My nostrils rebelled right then at the smell of this.
      The few who turned down the bribe were roundly persecuted.

      I checked the website making the claims, and there is considerable
      evidence that passenger names and some ground names were
      computer generated, using a common simulation program, which
      can reverse engineer the names. It is worth taking seriously enough
      to pursue."
      - Jack White

      *Derek James Statkevikus comments on his own memorial:



      user posted image            user posted image




      The "Vicsim Report" conclusively spells the end of the 9/11 hoax. It has been a long, 8-year-long obstacle-ridden journey for researchers all over the world. We can now comfortably establish that 9/11 was but a massive simulation designed to dispose with the WTC complex and blame its destruction on 'foreign terrorists'.

      It is a victory for the many hard-working, independent individuals around the globe who have invested untold (and unpaid) working hours to dismantle this intricate scam. It is a victory of the people - against the arrogance of the devious and deranged potato-head-potentates of this world.

      However devious and criminal, their psy-operation was not intended to cause mass casualties : with the evidence now at hand, it is extremely likely that not one single person was killed on September 11, 2001. The purported "2700+ victims" were but fictitious identities, spat out by a computer and assembled in a pathetically contrived database. Paradoxically, this 'outrageous' revelation constitutes a most comforting and hopeful finale to the entire investigation. It also opens a wide, new door to reach the many skeptics who rejected the disturbing thought that "the US government would murder its own people". That paradigm is now definitively out of the picture - paving a way for everyone to process and comprehend what really happened on 9/11.

      The name of the game or, if you will, the master code of 9/11 was "s-i-m-u-l-a-t-i-o-n". It was carried out with the full complicity of the news media corporations which obey blindly and unconditionally to the above-mentioned potato-heads. Their 'game' is now over - and the time has come for change. Don't count on Mr. Barack Hussein Obama or on any current 'world leader' for that to arrive; it will bloom from a renewed awareness of average citizens - and their willingness to think."

      If you are really honest about your quest for truth, please assign ONE DAY of your life to analyze the contents of the "CNN 9/11 VICTIMS MEMORIAL". Note the sequential similarity between many of the proposed faces. Note the numerous improbable names/surnames. Pay particular attention to the 'tributes' posted beneath each 'victim's' photo. Note that most 'victims', after 8 years, have none. Note that many have only 1 tribute - but most importantly note the atrociously contrived and stereotyped nature of the tributes - as if ALL were written by the same, unimaginative person :

      - Simon Shack, creator of 'September Clues'

      911 Passengers Could be Fictitious  

      911movement thread - The Vicsim Report: The 9/11 Victims are Simulated(Pages 1 2 3 ...20 )


      For your amusement - a related London 7/7 sim photo phony

      user posted image

      user posted image


      "Occam's Razor suggests that the constable just sat down in some molten steel for the new guardrail before it hardened and it got stuck to his derriere and caused his legs to walk in the wrong direction before he could notice. After all, he was probably in a hurry to get to the terrorist attack.

      Which one of us hasn't had one of those pesky guardrails stuck to the rear-end like that on a busy day? It's no different from having toilet paper stuck to your shoe at a press conference.

      Or maybe it's just Police body armor. Nobody wants to take a bullet from behind. Better safe than sorry. I don't blame him for trying to cover his ass!

      The simplest explanation is usually the best. What is this "cutting and pasting" you talk about? Is that even possible?

      There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses who saw the railing on the man's behind. After all, the media was there, there were thousands of eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras and this was probably the most photographed event in British history.

      How dare you mock this man's suffering? Imagine having your legs on the wrong way and having to carry around a heavy guardrail for the rest of your life. Where's the compassion?

      And for those of you who claim that aluminum airplanes can't cut through steel girders like butter, tell that to this policeman! He's a real hardass."

      - Fred aka BSRegistration

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