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Hearing on Limits of Executive Power/A Portion of Vincent Bugliosi's piece on CSPAN today

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    ... From: ROSE KING Subject: Re: [v911t] Hearing on Limits of Executive Power/A Portion of Vincent Bugliosi s piece on CSPAN today
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2008

      --- On Sat, 7/26/08, ROSE KING <bethetruth3@...> wrote:
      From: ROSE KING <bethetruth3@...>
      Subject: Re: [v911t] Hearing on Limits of Executive Power/A Portion of Vincent Bugliosi's piece on CSPAN today

      Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008, 11:54 PM

      July 26, 2008

      Dear World,

      We are living in interesting times.

      Yesterday, the hearings on impeachment were held and most of it is on U-tube at
      these links:







      And here is Rep Wexlers Statement for impeachment:


      Will someone please get this whole C-span presentation and get it out here in
      sequencial order and onto the net.

      What is paramount here is the info and opinions of some of these congressmen
      and women as we see them move towards impeachment with haste. It is our only
      hope to keep world peace. Support them. Let us get this out in many forms and
      fashions to the public and ask, why won't the main stream lying machine
      report more on this? Call them and ask them.


      Here is a Truthout article:


      A good website for the latest:


      Let us pray this impeachment happens to stop this insanity and the push for
      more war as the ship of America financially collapses. We will have enough
      problems with this banker planed event. Talk about chaos. Get these videos out
      fast and remember, we should be watching on Monday as this begins to go viral
      accross the net. Kind of funny how it is being repressed. Let's help it and
      get on these congress critters to DO THEIR JOB. Impeach the tyrants. All of

      We are seeing the planed coming crash of the banking system also. This is good
      but the substitute of the NAU and ensuing created chaos will not be so good.
      This is a big issue and the fear of the bankers is that the people will start a
      massive bank run before they implement the final stages. So what will they do?
      Well, history shows that on Mondays around just after 9:00 am some sort of
      ditractionary event can come. What will it be as we slip towards August? Who
      knows but may we please listen to the God part in our hearts to DO what is
      right for ourselves and then for our fellows, country, and the world.

      Here are some more important videos that have come down the pike recently:





      (The full movie called "The Secret" with ironically, arabic

      And here for your use is a page to get the rating of your bank:


      Oh dear frinds and community, we must all prepare to prevent the total surprise
      of whatever can come from these corrupted evil beings of war. Many feel that
      August could be a month to watch for the attack on Iran. As these and other
      atrocities come to the surface, anything could happen in the false-flag dept.
      Please, it is not too late to plant food. If you can, supply up for those who
      are not doing anything to prepare. Use the videos God has given us to wake your
      families and friends. We MUST, no not need to, but MUST do all we can in a
      peaceful warrior way to awaken the mass mind. We are creating the future with
      our thoughts and actions NOW. Dream in what we want the most. Go for justice
      and truth and pray for the evil to be exposed and vanquished in the best manor
      for everyone and everything. This is the WAY!~

      We are the ones we have been waiting for. There are no super heros and no magic
      bullets. WE ARE THE co-cretors of our futures. No one else will do it for you.
      We can create it to be a better future, or be the victims of ignorance and
      laziness. What will YOU choose to do? From the grace and heart of God come the
      answers. We shall overcome!

      May you follow your hearts and DO what is right. Remember the watchwords that
      have been given over and over again: FAMILY AND COMMUNITY will be our

      God bless the Peacemakers and the Meek.

      In Service for YOU,



      --- On Fri, 7/25/08, Cal <> wrote:

      From: Cal <>
      Subject: [v911t] Hearing on Limits of Executive Power/A Portion of Vincent
      Bugliosi's piece on CSPAN today
      To: undisclosed@...
      Date: Friday, July 25, 2008, 10:17 PM

      Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi 

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