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Re: [bangla-vision] Oh dear, is there no other news?

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  • Dick Eastman
    India is another Israel and Hollywood The deal for letting England win WWI was that India would have a new Jewish Viceroy to rule India for the Queen -- and
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      India is another Israel and Hollywood
      The deal for letting England win WWI was that India would have a new Jewish Viceroy  to rule India for the Queen  --  and when Mohatma Gandhi was shot it was assured that nothing would change even in the new Indian Republic.  In the US I call it Judeo-pornographic culture.  You may not like the term  for it -- but you certainly seem to be stuck living with the thing itself.
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      Subject: [bangla-vision] Oh dear, is there no other news?

      YIKES!...is  American Media, (The Propaganda Model) becoming
      global standard???. .....Mary. 

      Sriram Savarkar <sriram.savarkar wrote:

      Oh dear, is there no other news?

      If television is supposed
      to be a reflection of society,
      then ours is a most venal society.
      In the north,
       TV news is obsessed with crime and cricket in unequal measure.
      When either of the two wane,
      there is always cinema to plug the holes
      that in any other self-respecting information
      society wou! ld have been filled by well,
      what else but Breaking News?

      Television news seldom takes a break from these three Cs.
      Add one more to it,
       current affairs and you end up with
       a C4 square
      — cricket, crime, cinema, current affairs
       if we were really the kind to be obsessed
       by one letter of the alphabet,
      we could add another to the list
      — celebrity.
      After all, someone like
      Rakhi Sawant
      graces news channels because of
      a) candid views of her body,
      b) candid views on candid views of her body.

      Does that mean
      we are equally and solely concerned
       with the C4 square?
      That we believe India
      has nothing else to recommend itself
      — or to reflect?
      If that is true,
      then there is only one comment to be made:
      oh dear.

      The last two weeks have seen TV news
      in the north taken over with crimes so horrific,
      with no room for anything else
       but the antics in the IPL to bring us relief.
      The Aarushi Talwar murder
       has captivated TV news
       and viewers with its baffling and possibly sordid nature,
      to the exclusion of almost everythi! ng else.
       Dr Nimesh Desai,
       a psychiatrist, protested at
      what he called the media's
       "group voyeurism" on NDTV 24X7.
      the media is peeping through any crevice
       it can find in the flat where the murder took place
       — as well as in the version of events presented
      separately by the police and the Talwar family.
      And we,
       the viewers,
      have been perched on their shoulder
      — all of us trying to solve ! the mystery of the murders.
      Nothing has been left to the imagination as TV news
      has donned the cloak,
       slipped on the dark glasses and played police,
      private investigator, forensic expert,
      criminologist, psychiatrist
      — judge, juror and judged.

      All of this with an unapologetic,
      nay, smug air of righteousness.
       All in the name of that elusive, much maligned value
       — justice.
       As we saw in earlier cases,
       the media is an active participant,
       more exer! cised than anyone else about the case
      — especially
       when there is murder
       most cruel committed in a middle-class milieu.
      The middle,urban class
      represents the primary audience for TV,
      one that most media practitioners belong to.
      there is a bias
      — coverage unlimited, unstinted.
       When was the last time a similar crime,
      in a poorer, or rural setting
      — and there must be many —
      bedazzled us and the media?

      since the arrest of Dr Talwar
      for the alleged murder of Aarushi and Banjande,
       the media has taken up the case of the accused and his family.
       Since no one knows who killed whom and why,
      taking sides is a dangerous game.
      at the moment,
       the family version dominates the news channels.
       What can we say, but, once again, oh dear.

      Is there no other news?
      a heinous crime has been committed.
       there are other equally heinous acts
      out there deserving media attention.
      There is the Gurjjar agitation that has of Tuesday
      cost 38-odd people their lives;
      there has been the waiver of farm loans
      that might help prevent more farmer suicides.
      These have received media attention;
       they are covered in an unconvincing manner,
       as though the channels feel obliged to cover them
       are impatient to return to the real news
      — murder.

      The Aarushi case is not singular.
      There has been the murder of a young TV executive,
       Grover, in Mumbai,
       Gruesome is not the word.
       And television delights in everything gruesome.
       The fact that we watch such coverage,
      with mouths hanging open for more,
      says something about us, too.
      It says that
      we cannot get enough of such stories,
       that we are complicit,
      and make no mistake we are,
      we enjoy a good murder mystery more than anything else.
      Current Affairs.
      Cinema begone,
      give us murder any time, day, year.
      Oh dear. 

      Sriram Savarkar
      Hinduism is more a way of life than a method of worship.
      Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
      If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you.
      Hindus, If people slap you once, slap them twice!

      Let the people do what they want, you get Woodstock. Let the government do what it wants, you get WACO!....Mary.

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