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Manufactured Reality -- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back-=-Harretz bought out shaken up -=- one-state solution the only way -=- Ziodedia

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  • Dick Eastman
    Manufactured Reality -- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back In order to force a new reality upon any targeted populace, the masters of the universe follow a
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       Manufactured Reality -- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

      In order to force a new reality upon any targeted populace, the masters of the universe follow a simple strategy – they immediately make things twice as bad as they intend to keep them, only to take one step back after a short while, so that the new manufactured reality will be easier to accept.  This strategy holds constant from the manipulation of oil prices to the military strategy to rule the world by force.

      More:  http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/war_on_terror/manufactured_reality_--_two_steps_forward,_one_step_back/

      Breaking News: Putsch being carried out among reporting staff at Haaretz

      A new German owner has purchased Haaretz and a "Putsch is being carried out among reporting staff," in the most important and Liberal Zionist paper in Israel. According to inside sources, the new owners has carried out a rough, sittingroom survey that revealed that "the occupation doesn't sell newspapers" and they are therefore concentrating on the business world (ie. The Marker).  Twilight Zone, Gideon Levy's regular Friday column has been scrapped, Amira Hass has been degraded to freelance on half salary, Meron Rapaport has been fired and Akiva Eldar has lost at least one half page a week.

      More:  http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/israel%10palestine/breaking_news:_putsch_being_carried_out_among_reporting_staff_at_haaretz/

      The Holocaust and the Middle-East

      Imagine for a moment you were the close relative of a rape and murder victim whose body was never found. Based on the testimonies of a number of witnesses, the authorities established that your relative was raped and murdered and the identity of the perpetrator. The witnesses also described in gruesome detail how the accused disposed of the body without leaving any trace.  As a result, in an emotional trial, the accused got sentenced to the maximum sentence. A few years later, a stranger approaches the police and newspapers claiming that it is impossible that the accused could have committed the alleged crimes. He argues that not only was it impossible – for a variety of reasons – that the accused could have committed the alleged crime in the way it was described by the witnesses, but that he has reasons to believe that the victim is still alive.

      more: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/the_holocaust_and_the_middle-east/

      Germany: Our responsibility for Holocaust commits us to Israel

      Germany's foreign minister pledged on Thursday to stand up for the security of Israel and urged a tough line against Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, calling his denial of the Holocaust "unbearable."

      Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking at a parliamentary debate marking the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel, said Germany's responsibility toward Israel due to its role in the Nazi Holocaust meant it had to "take a stand against the Iranian president's talk time and again."

      more: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/israel%10palestine/germany:_our_responsibility_for_holocaust_commits_us_to_israel/

      Is a one-state solution the answer for Israel/Palestine?

      In a letter to the editor of the 'Christian Science Monitor', David A. Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee fumes: [1]
      Regarding John Whitbeck's Sept. 14 Opinion piece, " Palestine: Democracy Not Zionism "     : the author twists Zionism, the Jewish quest for self-determination, into a demonic force, seeking to disqualify the Jewish people from a right to national sovereignty. But that right was recognized by the United Nations and reflected recognition of the ancient link between Jews and the land, and a belief that two states – Arab and Jewish – should live side by side.
      Alas, Israel's neighbors opposed the coexistence it sought. When Egypt and Jordan later stepped forward, they found Israel was an eager peace partner. And Israel's repeated efforts to make peace with the Palestinians have underscored its sincerity.
      But it takes two to tango, and Israel's partner has been largely absent. Yet, rather than assign any responsibility to the Palestinians, Mr. Whitbeck proposes the dissolution of Israel as we know it. If this is what he has been counseling, as an adviser to the Palestinian negotiating team, no wonder the talks have not succeeded.

      more:  http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/is_a_one-state_solution_the_answer_for_israel%10palestine?/

      Hagee's dim vision

      When it comes to supporting Israel, any bigot will do
      The recent uproar surrounding Pastor John Hagee is only remarkable in the sense that it took so long in coming. The fundamentalist pastor of the 19,000- member Cornerstone "mega-church" in San Antonio, Texas, has long shown himself to be not just anti- Semitic, but also anti-Islamic and anti-Catholic. It doesn't take much probing to find ample examples of racism, bigotry and justification of violent tragedy in the words of the man once described by Senator Joe Lieberman as "Ish Elokim" -- a "man of God".

      more: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/jewry%10lobby/hagee's_dim_vision/

      Blood Money

      This is a note to all the successful people of this world. Not just the people owning multi-million dollar homes, private jets and fancy yachts. Not just the people in the board rooms of multi-national corporations. Not just the people with Mercedes 500SL's, Bang&Olufsen stereos, Rolex watches, Tiffany rings, Gucci shoes and Louis Vuitton hand-bags. Not just the people who travel first class on airlines, live in 5 star hotels and are members of elite clubs.
      No, this is also a note to those of you who studied hard to make it into and through uni. Who slave all their life to get ahead in their jobs and not be left behind. And especially those who teach, work for the government or in the corporate media. 
      Let me ask you one  thing: How does it feel to have all that blood on your hands?

      more:  http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/blood_money/

      Leuren Moret: Methodology of Global Takeover

      When asked about the Newmont Uranium project proposed for Park County Colorado, Leuren stated that one cannot understand what is happening locally without first understanding the big picture.  Regarding the global uranium business, the international bankers located within the ancient Roman "City of London" have decided that: if you control the food, you control the nation, if you control the energy, you control a region, and if you control money, you control the whole world.  The City of London international bankers are the descendants of the Merchants of Venice, who are descended from those who controlled the Roman, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian empires.  They invented the concept of a corporation to relieve themselves of any liability for their actions.

      more: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/new_world_order/leuren_moret:_methodology_of_global_takeover/

      9-11 & The Jewish Gatekeepers
      9-11 was orchestrated to launch the Jewish hoax known as the War On Terror - with its preplanned wars and infringements upon our freedoms.
      The official account is that the World Trade Center buildings suffered spontaneous structural collapses Here. The alternative account put forth by Scholars For 9/11 Truth is that the WTC buildings were destroyed via controlled demolition by pre-positioned devices Here.


      Hitler, his bankers and the Holocaust

      Adolf Hitler is widely regarded as the most evil person that ever walked this planet. This has obviously to do with the fact that – at least as far as the official narrative goes – Hitler was ultimately responsible for the second world war and the industrial scale murder of as many as six million Jews.

      Anyone who has genuinely researched the matter though has probably come across two alternative schools of thoughts, one that claims that Hitler was a much maligned formidable enemy of Communism and the Jewish forces behind it, and one that calls Hitler a tool of the very international Jewry that he supposedly fought.

      more: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/editorial/hitler,_his_bankers_and_the_holocaust/

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      as soon as some of our soldiers discuss mutiny -- a soldiers protest -- Mossad kills them -- either a suicide bomb, or simply an "al Qa'eda" sniper with a Mossad paycheck

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