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James Patton lists things to be bitter about that Stephen Pizzo seems to have missed Re: Stephen Pizzo: Why I AM a Bitter Man

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  • Dick Eastman
    James, Almost everyone is missing one or more of the really big pieces of the whole tragic picture. You are an exception. I ll pass it on to my readers --
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      Almost everyone is missing one or more of the really big pieces of the whole tragic picture.  You are an exception.  I'll pass it on to my readers  -- as far as I can tell, about 12 people.  Good men with the facts are out of season apparently.
      Thank you.
      Dick E
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      Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 9:15 PM
      Subject: Re: Stephen Pizzo: Why I AM a Bitter Man

      Hi Dick,


      I like Steve Pizzo's article, but unfortunately it seems he buys into the official 9/11 narrative, and believes the invasion of Afghanistan was justified.

      I would like to ask Mr Pizzo some questions:

      - Why is Osama bin Laden NOT on the FBI most wanted list specifically in connection with 9/11?

      - Why was the war on Afghanistan / the Taliban already organised BEFORE 9/11?

      - Why was the Bush admin 'evidence' against Osama never publicly released?  Nor was it ever released to the government in Afghanistan, despite their requests to see it.  Why is this 'evidence' still hidden?

      - Why was the media frame-up of Osama so quickly and neatly 'ready to roll' immediately after 9/11, before there was even any hard evidence?

      - Why, over the years, have we seen strange looking Osama's - too fat, different facial features, wearing jewelry, right-handed?  Are these just paid actors?

      - What about the evidence that Osama is long dead?  They found Saddam, so why not Osama?

      - We are told the hijackers came mostly from Saudi Arabia.  If 9/11 justified war (which it didn't, by the way), then why attack Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia?

      - Why are seven of the alleged hijackers still reportedly alive?  Did they survive the fires?

      - How did their passports supposedly flutter to earth, and escape fires that were supposedly hot enough to weaken steel?

      - Why did devout Muslims, ready to die for Allah, go to strip-clubs and gambling-boats before their 'martyrdom'?

      - How could two planes bring down three buildings so neatly?

      - What about the Salomon building, aka WTC 7?

      - Why did the BBC report the collapse of WTC-7 20 minutes BEFORE it happened, with the building still standing in view of the camera while the news lady reported its destruction?

      - Why did the WTC-7 collapse straight down, looking just like a controlled demolition? 

      - Why, in the wreckage, were there obvious signs of the use of cutter charges found on the load-bearing members of all three buildings?

      - Why were there so many reports on 9/11 of what sounded like loud explosions?

      - Wasn't it rather convenient that this building (WTC 7), filled with official papers about the Enron and WorldCom scandals, came down?

      - Why did Rudy Guiliani desert his specially made bunker in WTC 7 on 9/11 and hit the streets?  Who told him that the building was going to come down?  When no steel-framed building had ever collapsed in that manner due to fire before in history?

      - Why did Bush sit in a public school, on a publicly announced visit, reading about pet goats, while hijacked planes were still flying around, instead of seeking protection elsewhere?

      - How could an unqualified pilot not competent to land a Cessna pull off the Pentagon job so neatly?

      - How could same poor pilot pull off an aerial manoeuvre in an unfamiliar aircraft that even 'top gun' military pilots have said would have greatly challenged them?

      - If 9/11 had been so meticulously planned, then why did the plane strike the Pentagon's specially reinforced west wing, where the auditors investigating the trillions of missing Pentagon dollars were, instead of the east wing, where the military brass were?

      - What happened to the wreckage of the plane?  Did it all vaporise?

      - What about the black-box evidence of the plane's flight path?

      - How did this handful of hijackers, operating in a secret conspiracy, directed by a man in another country, manage to foil the U.S. multi-billion dollar defence apparatus?

      And why was the Taliban reportedly shutting down OPIUM production in Afghanistan (much to the chagrin of the international drug cartels, I bet), but since the war OPIUM production is at record-level highs?  Who is making all the profit from this most lucrative of black economy commodities?

      Well, those are just some of the questions I would like Mr Pizzo to answer for me, seeing as he believes the invasion of Afghanistan was justified.

      And even if, after all these hanging questions, you still believe the official narrative of 9/11 - then it was an act of TERRORISM, and not an act of WAR.  Regulations to deal with TERRORISM are in the law books, and they DO NOT justify launching a pre-emptive war, invasion and occupation against another country, in the process killing thousands of its citizens.

      So I ask you, Mr Pizzo, the invasion of Afghanistan was JUSTIFIABLE ON WHAT GROUNDS??  Please explain.

      As for me, it is just another thing I am bitter about.

      Kind regards,


      "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
      -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

      PS - For Mr Pizzo's information - no one has successfully conquered and occupied Afghanistan since Alexander the Great.  Hasn't the U.S. got more important things to worry about than 'liberating' people at the point of a cluster-bomb way over there?

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      From: Dick Eastman <olfriend@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, 17 April, 2008 8:52:24 AM
      Subject: Stephen Pizzo: Why I AM a Bitter Man

      Why I am a bitter man
      Stephen Pizzo
      "Bitter: angry, hurt, resentful, because of one's bad experiences or sense of unjust treatment."      Webster's Dictionary.

      I am a bitter man. I admit it. I'm neither proud nor happy about it. But it's not my fault, either.

      Eight years ago I was annoyed, but I wasn't bitter. Being annoyed with government is the natural state of the governed. It's the catalyst that keeps politicians paranoid about what we're up to out here while they, hopefully, try to do enough things right to get our vote next time around, even if resentfully.

      But bitter is a different kind of catalyst. It's the emotion that freed these former colonies from Britain. It's the emotion that motivated American blacks to come together in the 1960s and demand an end to segregation, once and for all. At the turn of the century in Russia bitterness caused the Russian people to put an end to careless, self-indulgent, wasteful monarchy. Before that, in France, bitterness among the peasantry caused a whole lot folks to loose their heads -- literally.

      In short, bitterness is a motivator -- maybe the motivator when it comes to the forcing of social tipping points.

      So, while I'm bitter that this administration has turned me bitter, I am crystal clear on the reasons why I'm bitter:

      I am bitter because this administration led my country into a completely unnecessary war. A war they justified on flawed, and what history will surely eventually prove, entirely fabricated intelligence.

      I am bitter that this administration has soiled, not just America's image, but it's very soul by resorting to the kind of brutal treatment of prisoners for which we once tried, convicted and executed enemy commanders.

      I am bitter that after the hard lessons of Vietnam, a war that took the lives of over 50,000 of my generation, that this administration repeated those mistakes, costing the lives of over 4000 of this generation's best and brightest -- so far -- and counting.

      I am bitter that the only reason our kids must continue dying in Iraq is soley to buy time for this administration to get out office next January leaving the mess and clean up to the next administration.

      I am bitter that this administration mismanaged the only justifiable military action they took -- the invasion of Afghanistan -- allowing the men actually behind 9/11 to escape capture and punishment, and to continue to spread their twisted ideology and murderous activities.

      I am bitter that this administration gutted our national treasury, pissing away a $5.2 billion surplus by lavishing tax breaks on the already wealthy and then, once out of money, putting an additional $4.5 trillion on the national credit card.

      I am bitter that this administration has so bankrupted my nation that we can't provide health coverage for nearly 50 million of us but instead continue to borrow $12 billion a month to fund operations in Iraq.

      I am bitter that our students continue to be "left behind," to test below average -- often far below average -- when compared with students in other developed nations, and that we have neither the money or will to do a damn thing about it.

      I am bitter that, thanks to this administration's cynical manipulation and suppression of scientific evidence, that my children and grand children will spend their entire lives battling the potentially deadly effects of global warming.

      I am bitter that this administration has engaged in the same kind of religious fundamentalism for which they criticize in Islamic nations. That they can't or refuse to recognize the inherent contradiction in their support for such things as prayer in public schools and other government-funded "faith-based" programs and Islamic government funded madrasas they condemn in countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

      I am bitter that this administration gutted the nation's regulatory apparatus for the sole purpose of boosting industry profit margins, resulting first in the mortgage meltdown and more recently safety maintenance chaos in the airline industry.

      I am bitter that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq has gotten 4000 other people's children killed while their daughters have been allowed uninterrupted lives of privilege and safety.

      I am bitter that this administration has treated the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as though they were suggestions rather than the sacred law of the land.

      I am bitter that this administration placed one of the nation's most powerful agencies of government, the Department of Justice, in the hands of a man, Alberto Gonzales, whose only claim to fame is that he was unqualified, unprincipled and underhanded.

      I am bitter that congress has shown neither the patriotism or guts to step up to their constitutional duty to impeach members of this administration for breaking existing laws, violating our civil rights and showing utter contempt for the separations of powers mandated in the US Constitution.

      But most of all I am bitter that it appears almost certain that the criminal acts committed by members of this administration will go unpunished. That they will indeed get away with it all. And that that will set a 
      precedent for the next George W. Bush-type who finagles his/her way into the Oval Office.

      Those are the reasons I'm bitter. And it you're one of those folks Hillary and McCain keep assuring me are "not bitter," I have only one question for you:

      Why aren't you?




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