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    Charles E. Carlson wrote: UNHERALDED NEWS Biofuels will not feed the hungry Financial Times, London Mar 27, 2008 Biofuels will not feed
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      "Charles E. Carlson" <ccarlson@...> wrote:
      Biofuels will not feed the hungry
      Financial Times, London  Mar 27, 2008
      Biofuels will not feed the hungry, The London Times article states: "But the biggest structural change is biofuels. In the space of a few years, the US has diverted about 40m tonnes of maize to produce bioethanol - about 4 per cent of global production of coarse grains. That rapid growth is largely the result of subsidies - which must halt. The environmental benefits of maize biofuel are ambiguous at best and it should not be favoured over growing maize for food... "Cuts to food production subsidies, most notably in the EU, will also have a permanent effect on supply...'
      Editor CE adds- We are grateful to the author and agree with the substance of the prestigious London Financial Times article: Biofuels are a silent killer.  However, we must correct an important detail; the destruction of food is on an order of magnitude worse than the Times' statistics state.
      Our own story last September entitled Corn-to-Ethanol: US Agribusiness Magic Path To A World Food Monopoly, quoted The Renewable Fuel Association, a trade organization of big agribusinesses, which lists 129 existing plants, and with 76 more under construction. It projects the total production capacity at a staggering 13,429 billion gallons of ethanol every year. To make this much 90-proof alcohol, some five billion bushels of corn have to be burned per year.  Worse yet is a new law signed on Dec 19, 2007, which subsidizes the destruction of upward to 14 billion bushels of corn (maize in Europe) to produce 35 billon gallons of alcohol per year. This pencils out to be as much as 40% of the US corn crop!
      The ethanol abuse is so great that it can be understated by a factor of 10 and still shock readers. The Times may be the first big paper anywhere to correctly demand: 'That rapid growth is largely the result of subsidies - which must halt.'   WHTT says: in the interst of humanity, ban all ethanol subsidies, and recall every Congressmen who resist!  
      U.S. employee killed in Baghdad's Green Zone
      Assocated Press, Martin Crutshinger  Mar 27, 2008
      Editor CE- The numbers tell us why the US,  and our puppet Maliki government, is hated by all sides and sects in Iraq: This AP story confirms what we all know: "Precise Iraqi casualties are not known but the widely cited human rights group Iraq Body Count said this month that up to 89,300 civilians have been killed since 2003.
      "Editor CE adds: In a related AP story we learn: "Tens of thousands of Sadr supporters marched in Baghdad in a massive show of force for the cleric, demanding Maliki's removal. In the vast Sadr City slum, named after the cleric's slain father, crowds of angry men chanted slogans... "We demand the downfall of the Maliki government. It does not represent the people. It represents Bush and Cheney," marcher Hussein Abu Ali said... The slum of 2 million people is in a virtual state of siege... "We are trapped in our homes with no water or electricity since yesterday. We can't bathe our children or wash our clothes," said a resident who gave his name as Mohammed. AND "President George W. Bush praised Maliki's "boldness" in launching the operation and said it showed the Iraqi leader's commitment to "enforce the law in an even-handed manner."
      Public Must Pay for Wall Street Rescues
      Torres & Tyson, Bloomberg.com  Mar 26, 2008
      Taxpayers May Be Liable For Bear Stearns Mortgage Rescue:  "In an emergency action that jeopardizes the dividend it pays the Treasury, the Fed authorized a $29 billion loan against illiquid mortgages - and asset-backed securities from Bear Stearns that will be held in a Delaware corporation.  JPMorgan Chase & Co. contributed $1 billion... The Delaware corp will liquidate the assets over 10 years, with JPMorgan absorbing the first $1 billion in losses, with the Fed bearing any that remain. Any such losses would hurt the Fed's balance sheet, and ultimately the taxpayer, because they would reduce the stipend the Fed pays to the Treasury from earnings on its portfolio. The dividend was $29 billion in 2006."
      "Editor CE rejects this- What this story fails to say is that the public (not only taxpayers) is libable for every dollar the FED loans or gives away, including this $30 billion and all the other trillions on the FED's books. Why, because the FED has no money of its own, it does not need money because it can create bank deposits for itself and its banker friends out of electrons over a wire.  All FED loans and gifts dilute the money in our pockets and in our bank accounts.  The FED pretends to be clean by giving the treasury the interest it collects on the treasury bond the FED buys from our treasury with dollars of its own creation.  Why else would they give back the interest?
      Here is an essay by a 16 year who understood the FED 25 years ago.... Why don't you understand it? Student, on the Federal Reserve: What We All Need to Know  http://cp.whtt.org/index.php?news=2&id=877
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