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New article by Nelson Hultberg: "Motives of Enslavement"

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2007

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      AFR Viewpoint
      Why Are Welfare-State Mentalities So Willing to Vote Away their Freedom, their Rights, and their Earnings?
      We are all born into the world with an assortment of strengths and weaknesses that drive us to become the persons we ultimately end up as. Such an assortment is not a blueprint for predestination of our lives. Rather it is a directing potential. It is the seed, that when mixed with the fertilizer of ideas and the soil of circumstance, will determine what our lives turn into. What is being ignored in our politically correct world today is that this seed has a lot to do with what kind of government we end up forming.  MORE ...
      Motives of Enslavement
      by Nelson Hultberg
      Copyright © 2007 by Americans for a Free Republic.
      Permission granted to reprint. Please credit accordingly.

      Both Democrats and Republicans are leading America toward disaster!

      AFR has a daring and innovative Third Party strategy to challenge their massive expansion of government!

      Read AFR's
      Mission Statement
      to see how our plan works.

      Invasion of the
      Mind Snatchers

      More and more Americans today are coming to understand the terrible truth about our Federal Government -- that it seeks to dominate us as citizens, to mold us into a society of dutiful Stepford Wives totally beholden to the wishes of elite politicians, bureaucrats and bankers.

      The Political
      Spectrum Con

      Left, Right, Center? Liberal, Conservative, Moderate?
      What do these terms mean, and how do they relate to each other? Is there a way to make sense of it all? Yes, but what Americans are being taught in school as the political left, right and center is a severe distortion of the facts of reality.

      Freedom and
      "Pax Americana"

      There is a hubristic madness consuming our political elites these days. It manifests in the intrusiveness of the Nanny State, in the relentless debasement of our currency, in the outrageous taxes that sap the vigor from our lives, and scariest of all, in the use of preemptive military power to remake the world's divergent cultures into American democracy clones.


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