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Iraq War Crimes Report published internationally by 10 organizations; Returning US Soldier speaks out on war crimes

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    To: Alex James Subject: Iraq War Crimes Report published internationally by 10 organizations; Returning US Soldier speaks out on war
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2006
      To: "Alex James" <alexjames222@...>
      Subject: Iraq War Crimes Report published internationally by 10 organizations; Returning US Soldier speaks out on war crimes
      Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 21:05:36 +0300
      From: Alex James <alexjames44444@...>


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      To: Stop NATO; Afghanistan Stop the War in; StopIsrael.org
      Subject: MUST SEE: War Crimes Report
      News Release: Howard Zinn endorses War Crimes Report
          Posted by: "Charles Jenks" charles@... chaspeace
          Date: Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:19 am ((PST))


      Contact:  Nick Mottern, Consumers for Peace

      Howard Zinn joins Kathy Kelly, Dahr Jamail, Ann Wright and Neil 
      MacKay in
      endorsing "War Crimes Committed by the United States in Iraq and
      Mechanisms for Accountability."

      The report was published internationally by 10 organizations in

      "This report on the war crimes of the current administration is an 
      resource, with a meticulous presentation of the evidence and an astute
      examination of international law. - Howard Zinn.

      The 37 page report, written by Consumers for Peace with the 
      consultation of
      international humanitarian law expert Karen Parker, JD, is available 
      for free
      download at  http://www.consumersforpeace.org/pdf/

      It is also available through the websites of:

      Association of Humanitarian Lawyers

      Traprock Peace Center

      Voices for Creative Nonviolence


      Information Clearing House


      Socialist Worker newspaper

      The Brussells Tribunal
      (for International Anti-Occupation Network)

      Stop the War Coalition (UK)

      Nick Mottern, Director of Consumers for Peace.org, noted that 
      Professor Zinn,
      in an interview with Tom Engelhard published in 2005, said that the 
      people believe in certain American principles, such as justice for 
      all, and "they
      are very reluctant to accept the fact that they (these principles) 
      have been
      crassly and consistently violated.  This is the only way I can 
      account for the
      stopping short when it comes to looking at the president and people 
      him as war criminals".

      "Our purpose in publishing U.S. War Crimes Committed by the United 
      States in
      Iraq and Mechanism of Accountability," Mottern said, "is to help 
      breach this barrier,
      not only so that justice can be done but so that the war crimes will 


      Forward to War Crimes Report

          The violence of the Iraq War and the chaos that has come to Iraq, 
      can be traced directly to the illegality of the invasion and 
      occupation of that country and the illegality of the tactics and 
      weapons being used to maintain the occupation.  “U.S. War Crimes in 
      Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability” documents these violations 
      and calls on us all to demand investigation and prosecution of 
      violations of international law by military and civilian leaders.

         Howard Zinn, a historian, playwright, and social activist, is 
      perhaps best known for A People's History of the United States, which 
      presents American history through the eyes of those he feels are 
      outside of the political and economic establishment. He writes:

      This report on the war crimes of the current administration is an 
      invaluable resource, with a meticulous presentation of the evidence 
      and an astute examination of international law.

         Dahr Jamail, noted independent journalist who spent more than 
      eight months reporting from occupied Iraq, writes the following about 
      the report:

         “I cannot endorse strongly enough this report prepared by Karen 
      Parker regarding U.S. war crimes in Iraq.  Having witnessed much of 
      what is so well documented in this report, it is a clear and 
      encompassing indictment of the Bush Administration for the war crimes 
      they are directly responsible for in Iraq.  Until evidence such as 
      this begins to see the light of day in a court of law and the 
      perpetrators brought to justice, the world remains unsafe and 
      unstable from an administration determined to rule the world.  After 
      witnessing what they are capable of in Iraq, I have no doubt these 
      people will not stop in their quest for world domination.  Instead, 
      they must be stopped.  And the only way to do that is bring the 
      guilty to justice.  This document will help achieve that goal.”

         Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Non-Violence 
      and three-time Noble Peace Prize nominee, has visited Iraq 28 times 
      in the last 15 years. She writes:

         “After spending four days in the fortified and secure Green Zone, 
      in Iraq, during September ’06, former Secretary of State James Baker 
      III assured that the investigative panel he led had not spent any 
      time “wringing our hands over what mistakes might or might not have 
      been created in the past.” (NYT, September 20, 2006).  The “Consumers 
      for Peace” report on war crimes committed in Iraq helps us understand 
      our responsibility not to wring our hands but rather to demand 
      accountability from elected representatives by delivering this report 
      to them and to local media.  How many people killed?  How many 
      families torn apart?  How many homes destroyed?  How many livelihoods 
      gone?  How many lives ruined? How many cities sacrificed?  We bear 
      responsibility to end the war in Iraq, insist on just reparations for 
      suffering caused, and promote careful, legal scrutiny of the crimes 
      committed.  This report beckons all who read it to stop collaborating 
      with illegal, immoral warmongers who recklessly afflict Iraq.”

         Neil MacKay, multi-award winning Home Affairs and Investigations 
      Editor of the Sunday Herald (Scotland), writes:

      "What has happened in Iraq is a great sin and a great crime. The 
      invasion and occupation have stained the concepts of democracy, 
      freedom and liberty; and disgraced the good name of the people of 
      both the United States of America and Great Britain. As a journalist 
      who has investigated the roots of this war, and the on-going horror 
      of what is happening in Iraq, I fully commend this report to readers. 
      It is an important reminder of the blood which is on the hands of our 
      leaders, and the shame that the governments of the UK and the USA 
      have brought to the British and American people by perpetrating a 
      criminal war in our name."

      Ann Wright, 29 year US Army veteran who retired as a Colonel and US 
      diplomat who resigned in March, 2003 in opposition to the war in Iraq 
      commented on the War
      Crimes Report:

      "While in the US Army at Ft Bragg, NC, I taught to US military 
      officers and non-commissioned officers the responsibilities of 
      military forces under the Geneva Convention and the Law of Land 
      Warfare, as well as the obligations of an Occupying Power.

      The War Crimes Report is an extraordinarily comprehensive and 
      important presentation of international law that governs the conduct 
      of nations and their military forces.  The Report documents the 
      blatant violations of international and domestic law by the Bush 
      administration and US military forces including the use of illegal 
      military tactics and illegal weapons.

      Because of a huge media failure in the United States, many Americans 
      do not realize how many times the Bush administration has violated 
      international law.  But, the rest of the world knows very well the 
      extent of these crimes.

      As a retired military officer, I know that accountability is one of 
      the foundation elements of the US military.  The Bush administration 
      has undercut the professionalism of our military forces by 
      encouraging and condoning the violation of international and domestic 
      war in treatment of detainees, torture and use of illegal tactics and 
      weapons.  For the sake of our own military we must demand 
      accountability from civilian leaders, as well as our military 
      forces.  This report provides specific mechanisms for much-needed 
      accountability of criminal behaviour by Bush administration policy 
      makers and by US military forces."


      Charles Jenks
      Chair of Advisory Board
      Traprock Peace Center
      103 Keets Road
      Deerfield, MA 01342

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       "It's My Duty to Speak Out"
      A Film by Scott Galindez
      Marine Corporal Grant Collins describes what it was like to participate in the war in Iraq. He also describes what it is like to live with giving orders that resulted in the deaths of civilians.
      09/04/06 Runtime 8 Minutes
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