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OPINION RELEASE: Quotations -- Aesop, Andrew Weil, MD & Neil A. McDonald

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    Rick Stanley Constitutional Activist E-mail: rick@stanley2002.org We the People Scoop 03/31/06
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      Rick Stanley
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      We the People Scoop 03/31/06
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      OPINION RELEASE: Quotations -- Aesop, Andrew Weil, MD & Neil A. McDonald
      "Vices are their own punishment."
      > -- Aesop
      > (c. 550 B.C.)
      legendary Greek fabulist
      > "In Europe, when tobacco was first introduced,
      > it was
      immediately banned.  In Turkey, if you
      > got caught with tobacco, you
      had your nose slit.
      > China and Russia imposed the death penalty
      for possession of tobacco."
      > -- Andrew Weil, MD
      > "Whatever the immediate gains and losses,
      > the dangers
      to our safety arising from political suppression
      > are always greater than
      the dangers
      > to the safety resulting from political freedom.
      Suppression is always foolish."
      > -- Neil A. McDonald
      > Source:
      Politics: A Study of Control Behavior, 1965

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