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Irritating Black People who think I owe them something

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  • jan@webs.co.za
    From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org [I thought I d mention something which Whites in S.Africa experience and which I m sure many find irritating. Black people nowadays
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2005
      From: WWW.AfricanCrisis.Org
      [I thought I'd mention something which Whites in S.Africa experience and
      which I'm sure many find irritating.

      Black people nowadays have complete control of Politics and the country,
      and yet, one a personal level, even after Affirmative Action; Black
      Economic Empowerment; Racial Quotas and many other laws which skew the
      finances of this country in their favour they still come and steal from
      us, or beg from us.

      Let me give you some examples.

      At work I often go out to buy lunch from one or other fast food outlet.
      One day I had drawn some cash from an auto teller, and so I had some
      hundred rand notes in my wallet. I went to a fast food outlet to buy some
      food. I opened my wallet and paid for it. The cashier was a small
      middle-aged black woman.

      I noticed thereafter, that whenever I went there, she would suddenly
      smile sweetly at me, after I had paid for my food, and then she would ask
      me openly if I don't want to "give" her some money.

      I was enraged, but I never said a word. I pretended not to hear. In fact,
      I avoid being served by her if I can. I don't make an issue about it, but
      sometimes I feel like actually complaining to the owners about it.

      I don't owe her any money.

      It was Christmas recently, and Christmas time in S.Africa is BEGGING and
      STEALING time! I've put out news stories about the many armed robberies
      which hit us during Christmas time.

      But what I've never mentioned is the mass begging which also is aimed at
      us whites.

      During the Christmas season, Black people will walk around our suburbs
      and ask us for "presents". These aren't people we know or have ever seen.
      They're blacks who walk around from one White household to another just
      ringing the bell and accosting us asking us for money, presents, etc.

      Just today, at my home, my door bell rang, and I went out and there was a
      light brown-skinned man who was all smiling saying "Christmas!
      Christmas!" So I said to him, I have nothing for you now GO AWAY!

      The giving attitude of White people changed after Apartheid. Previously,
      if a Black person asked for money, people would give willingly for
      charity. But as many Black people discovered, once the ANC came to power,
      White people would simply respond by saying "Go and ask Mandela/Mbeki for
      money". Of course the begging never stops.

      Black people GENUINELY BELIEVE that White people owe them something.

      Some German people in my neighbourhood are incredibly kind to that
      blacks. They put out tea and cookies for the garbage collectors. They go
      to incredible lengths for these black people - who by the way - are paid
      money to do a job.

      I have pondered the issue of who owes whom anything, a great deal, and I
      definitely do NOT buy into the Black Liberation/Liberal theory that we
      owe them anything. Carefully perusing some of the early history of Blacks
      and Whites in Africa assures me that they knew back then, what they were

      Take for example the theory that White people cheated black people by
      paying them with beads and trinkets.

      In BATTLES OF SOUTH AFRICA, I was reading about a Dutch expedition into
      the interior of northern South Africa about 300 years ago. The Dutch were
      interacting with many Black tribes as they passed into the interior. The
      Dutch took with them trinkets and beads with which to trade. The Blacks
      near the coast were happy to see the Dutch and traded beads for cattle.
      The Dutch needed cattle on the hoof because the cattle were slaughtered
      for food as they travelled into the interior. As they went deeper into
      the interior, the Black chiefs did not like the Dutch exploratory
      expedition and the Black people were more hostile. When the Dutch offered
      beads and trinkets to the Blacks, the Blacks REFUSED TO TRADE with them.

      My point is that Black people actively chose whether to trade cattle for
      beads. Nobody was forcing them. It was their choice. If they ended up
      feeling "cheated" then they only have themselves to blame.

      Furthermore, the "worthless beads" from Europe, were actually highly
      valued by the Blacks who did not have the means to produce these things.
      Blacks traded land, cattle and ivory with white people in return for the
      products of Western factories. It was a fair trade. They traded what they
      produced from their extremely primitive economies for what Whites
      produced. In later years Blacks even traded for weapons and they bought
      muskets and other equipment from traders.

      The fact that in the end, Whites ended up controlling virtually
      everything is a natural progression of their superior science and
      economic methods.

      In fact, what is almost incredible is how FEW white people it took to
      eventually control all of Africa for so very long.

      I was recently browsing through the new book: The White Africans (more
      about what I read in it later), and the author, who is an expert on
      S.African history, also marvelled at this point. He said it was amazing
      how few White people it took to take total control of all of Africa.

      He also said that the population of Whites in Africa has not changed much
      even though many left.

      At its height, there were probably no more than 6 - 6.5 million White
      people in Africa (this was about 50 years ago). Even now, there are
      probably about 4.5 - 5.0 million White people in Africa, despite the
      termoil of liberation, etc. Of course, it should be noted that the one
      country which always had the largest White population was S.Africa. The
      number of White people in S.Africa has come down from its height of 5.0
      million down to 4.4 million. But, clearly the majority are still here.

      But more about the long term, historical perspective on where Whites are

      What is amazing is what an incredible difference a few thousand or a few
      hundred thousand Whites made in any Black African country.

      One can see this clearly illustrated in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other
      places where the loss of a few hundred thousand Whites caused complete
      economic collapse. 30 years later Mozambique is still trying to get
      itself out of that hole, and Zimbabwe could easily take 30 or more years
      as well to come right.

      In my work, I can see daily, why we Whites DO make such a difference. I
      have watched Black yuppies being promoted into very high positions and
      then struggling to survive in their job. They are promoted way beyond
      their level of competence and then they just drown. In the department in
      which I work, for example, we have about 5 White males (yes, those hated
      pale males), who are the trouble-shooters. I'm one of them. We are the
      ones who actually hold the whole operation together. We don't have high
      positions. We are just "the worker bees", and our non-white bosses lean
      on our expertise heavily every day because the non-Whites can't cope.
      None of us whites have impressive titles or positions of note. But we are
      called in to fix urgent problems, prevent things falling apart, etc.

      Blacks get sent on more courses than Whites because the "previously
      disadvantaged" need to be brought up to our level. But - those courses
      don't achieve much. There are just differences in our attitude and inate
      abilities which no courses can teach these blacks. For some reason, the
      Whites just seem to continually produce better results than the Blacks.

      In fact, I am being moved into a specialised position at my work due to
      my levels of experience, and I'm chuckling because it looks as if a team
      of 3 people won't be able to even come close to doing the work which I
      did - all by myself. I estimate that the more efficient and productive
      White people in our department can EACH do about as much work as it takes
      4 of these Affirmative Action types to do.

      So when I look at how things work, and I read about the history of
      Africa, it does not surprise me that White people achieved what they did.
      And guess what, if White people ever rekindled their spirit of hard work
      and above all COURAGE and BRAVERY, we would be outperforming the Blacks
      in the future.

      Many times, when I look at all this, I think that White Africans should
      develop a Nationalistic Spirit and we should go for "Gold" - we shouldn't
      accept a second-rate position in a future failed Black state. We should
      set our sights higher and seek our own piece of territory and go after
      Independence again.

      We should never again "oppress" Black people - we just shouldn't have
      them among us. They must live in their country, and we must live in ours.
      In no time at all, we'll have our own developing state.

      We can do it. History is on our side in so many ways. What we lack
      currently, is SPIRIT and COURAGE. But that may yet come one day. Jan]
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