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    Sep 15, 2003

      Anyone familiar with BREAKING ALL THE RULES http://batr.org/
      understands the nature of America First. This group is open to non
      columnists. Just apply and indicate who you are, your politics, and
      you will be approved.

      The success of the private BATR Yahoo Group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BATR for editors and columnists, has
      indicated that many readers want to join a debate and information
      sharing group. This is your opportunity!

      If past experience is any indication, the list of active members will
      grow quickly.

      The default settings for Yahoo group is individual mail. So if the
      messages become too much, select daily digest or Special Notices.
      Being a member allows for posting, so even if you choose No Email,
      you can post.

      Hope you will join and contribute.


      Publisher of BREAKING ALL THE RULES