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NON _ Other Groups - The Byron Chronicles 4-09 November

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  • Eric Busby
    *The Byron Chronicles* Season *4 *Episode*9* - *November* Written by *Eric Busby* *http://ericbusbypresents.com/the-byr...ode-9-november
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      The Byron Chronicles
      Season 4 Episode 9 - November
      Written by Eric Busby


      The Iron Dead. Cybernetic horrors from another era, threaten to change all of history. Only the aid of someone from Byron's future, will keep them from attaining their goal.

      Featured in the cast were
      David Ault as Byron
      Darren Marlar as Thanatos
      M Sieiro Garcia as Agent Kade
      Scott Zee as Mister Arcadia
      George S. Nader as the Soilder
      Viktor Aurelius as Berry the Cat
      Eric Busby as The Scientist
      And Laura Post as The Emissary

      Music by Shadow's Symphony
      Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
      Script edited by George S. Nader

      The episode was produced and directed by Eric Busby

      © Eric Busby Productions 2013
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