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Tabula Rasa, episode 1X10!

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  • pendantproductions
    PENDANT PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS: Tabula Rasa, episode 1X10 - Good and Bad Angels Nothing is as it seems as Jayne processes the things she has seen,
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      Tabula Rasa, episode 1X10 - "Good and Bad Angels"

      Nothing is as it seems as Jayne processes the things she has seen, Danica and Ganymede conspire, Montague is back in town, and the Organized Crimes team moves in to tie up a loose end from the gang war!

      "Tabula Rasa" is a full-cast action/adventure ongoing serial drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

      Also available -- a commentary track with the director, writers and editor!

      iTunes link:

      Podcast feed:

      Download link:

      Featuring the voice talents of:

      Susan Bridges as Jayne
      Lyn Cullen as Dr. Liza Finch
      Chris Hackney as Detective Rafael Velazquez 
      Kristen Bays as Detective Lakisha Morris
      Pete Milan as Sergeant Nathan Clarke
      Mindy Rast-Keenan as Special Agent Saanvi McGrath
      Jason R. Wallace as Terry "Ganymede" Morris
      James Rossi as Keith Finch
      Tom Stitzer as Gatz
      Sam Sullivan as Uriah
      Alicen Moser as Danica 
      Richard Casto as Dr. Brandon Walker
      Kathryn Pryde as Jesse Cesare
      Mark Zaricor as Lukasz Cameron
      Corson Bremer as Christian Holdridge
      Dave Morgan as Micawber "Europa" Jones
      David Ault as the Voicemail
      And Jared Page as Senator Richard Montague

      Written by Jack Calk
      Edited by Teresa Stacy
      Directed by Anna Rodriguez
      Opening theme, "By Her Side," written and performed by Karina Barroso. Available on iTunes.
      Closing theme, "Back Home," written and performed by Mile 96.
      "Already There", "Follow the Road", "The Gloaming", "I'm Not Dreaming", "Oh Mallory", "She Lost Her Wings", "A Thousand Skins: Part 1", "A Thousand Skins: Part 2", "Twelve Monkeys" and "The Voices" by Josh Woodward
      News Sting by Kevin MacLeod
      Cover art by Damian Haywood
      Produced by Pendant Productions
      Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges


      Thanks for listening!

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