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THE KINGERY, episode 6x10!

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    PENDANT PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS: THE KINGERY, episode 6x10 - Killing Me By Degrees Socks makes a connection, Maddie s got the answer and Tythia presses
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      THE KINGERY, episode 6x10 - "Killing Me By Degrees"

      Socks makes a connection, Maddie's got the answer and Tythia presses on!

      "The Kingery" is a serialized, full-cast, ongoing sci-fi crime drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

      Also available -- a commentary track with the director and writer!

      iTunes link:

      Podcast feed:

      Download link:

      Featuring the voice talents of:

      Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
      Alicia Laine Pickens as Madeleine Gray
      Susan Bridges as Sarah
      M Sieiro Garcia as Major
      Carl Glassmeyer as Asa
      Rene Christine Jones as Socks
      Bryan Reid as Zeff
      Mike Winters as Richards
      Kathryn Pryde as Tythia
      James Rossi as Prok
      Kristen Bays as Cassandra Arkell
      Dave Morgan as Glass Joe
      Anna Rodriguez as Effie
      Michael Liebmann as Mac
      Adam Lebin as the EMT
      Libby Davis as the News Beast
      And Julian Bane as Daken.

      Written by Pete Milan
      Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Susan Bridges, Rene Christine Jones, Pete Milan, Perry Whittle and Jared Page

      Kingery Theme by Tom Stitzer
      All other music by Kevin MacLeod
      Directed by Paul Brueggemann, Jeffrey Bridges, and Susan Bridges
      Produced by Pendant Productions 
      Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

      The Kingery created by Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges, Macalla Eaton, John Hardin and Theresa J. McGarry


      Thanks for listening!

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