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RE: [OTRMP3] BBC - Radio drama

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  • Jim Grice
    Hi Paul, Many thanks for the files. Sorry I have taken so long to reply - been a bit busy over the last few days. Anyway they are just what I needed. I have
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      Hi Paul,


      Many thanks for the files. Sorry I have taken so long to reply – been a bit busy over the last few days. Anyway  they are just what I needed. I have been reading the book and had got it into my head “I must listen to the play” and couldn’t find it anywhere – I have got  an unabridged copy downloaded from Audible which isn’t as good as the BBC production – doesn’t have any feeling to it.


      So once again many thanks.


      Yes I was once part of an OTR yahoo group many years ago (and boy do you have a good memory) when cd’s were being passed around the world – used to have many a long chat with my local postmistress as to where they were going this week. Still got all the CD’s packed away I just don’t know what’s on them now as with a couple of reincarnations of computer the details have been lost. Now that I have retired I must run an indexing program to find out what I have got.


      Once again many thanks.




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      Hi Jim,

      I don't have a four part version of "Appleby's End" but I do have a Two
      Hour version that was run as an Saturday Night Theater back in 1982. I also
      have another Inspector Appleby play "Lament For A Maker".

      I have uploaded them for you here - http://www.mediafire.com/?zuo66wwrrvnzc

      Hope this is what you were looking for.

      Just as an aside, have you been a member of other OTR Yahoo groups in the
      past? Your name seems familiar to me, but one that I haven't seen around for
      quite some time. Either way welcome to the group.

      All The Best


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      Hi, I am new to this group and I would like to say what a great group it

      I am very interested in old BBC plays, mini series etc especially their
      crime ones.

      At present I am trying to find a copy of Appleby's end by Michael Innes. I
      believe that the BBC broadcast this as four episodes many years ago.

      Does anyone know where I can find this.

      Thanking you all in anticipation.




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