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Re: {Disarmed} RE: [OTRMP3] Random question about old AFRTS filler spots-

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  • Kinney Baughman
    On 03/15/2013 01:36 AM, Katje Koelsch wrote: I m no help, but I know the character you re talking about - totally agree he s a Foghorn Leghorn. I couldn t find
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      On 03/15/2013 01:36 AM, Katje Koelsch wrote:
      I'm no help, but I know the character you're talking about - totally agree he's a Foghorn Leghorn. I couldn't find anything online, except that Mel Blanc (voice of Foghorn Leghorn) did a lot of work for Armed Forces Radio. (I'd have to listen to one of the recordings to see if I thought it was him. But, still, I'm no expert.) I think if Elijah was a real person there would be some info about him online...And I couldn't find anything.
      Speaking of Mel Blanc and excellent radio shows, here's one that Radio Lab of WNYC did on Mel Blanc not too long ago:


      If you don't know Radio Lab then allow me to introduce you to the most artfully produced, intellectually engaging radio show in production today.  Robert Krulwich is one of the producers and you've probably heard him do spots on science for All Things Considered and Morning Edition on NPR.

      This is THE best radio show out there IMHO.  I eagerly await each new episode.  Fortunately for us all, they've archived all of their shows, 11 years worth, here: http://www.radiolab.org/archive/


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