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Genesis Avalon, issue 36!

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    PENDANT PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS: Genesis Avalon, issue 36 - The Zenith The heroes unite to bring an end to Obsidian s reign of terror once and for all!
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      Genesis Avalon, issue 36 - "The Zenith"

      The heroes unite to bring an end to Obsidian's reign of terror once and for all!

      "Genesis Avalon" is a full-cast, fantasy maxi-series serial drama. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

      Also available -- a commentary track with the director, writers and editor!

      iTunes link:

      Podcast feed:

      Download link:

      Featuring the voice talents of:

      Laura Post as Jaina Masterson/Genesis Avalon
      David Ault as Sam Tyler/Exodus Avalon
      Chris Hackney as Noir
      Alicia Pickens as Natalie Hall
      Teresa Keller as Olivia
      Chris Brittain as Obsidian
      Kristen Bays as Lilith
      Tobias Queen as Calhoun Masters 
      Trent Clifton as Julian Alexander
      M Sieiro Garcia as Kerri Arthur 
      Mike Winters as Jack 
      Mindy Owen as Alicia 
      Mason Brown as The Young Boy
      Lee Ann Brown as Dr. Matthews
      and Colin Kelly, Dave Morgan, Kristen Bays, Kathryn Pryde as the Demons

      Written and Directed by Kathryn Pryde
      Assistant Director Lyn Cullen
      Story by Kathryn Pryde with Kristen Bays
      Featuring "The Wind of Oblivion," "Defeat of the Demon King", "Awakening", "Mirror of Souls", "The Path of the Lost Thoughts," "The Darkest Hour", & "Autumn Prelude" by Zero-Project.
      "Scarlet Dragon" & "Black Thunder" by Chad Salvata. 
      All other original music by Kevin MacLeod
      Cover art by Kristen Bays
      Produced by Pendant Productions
      Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges


      Thanks for listening!

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