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Star Trek: Defiant episode 64!

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    PENDANT PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS: Star Trek: Defiant, Episode 64 - Pieces Warbirds attack, captains collide and Meade s master plan is pieced together!
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      Star Trek: Defiant, Episode 64 - "Pieces"

      Warbirds attack, captains collide and Meade's master plan is pieced together!

      "Star Trek: Defiant" is a serialized, full-cast audio adventure with one new episode every month. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

      Also avaliable - an audio commentary with the director and writer!

      Now available exclusively at PendantAudio.com via the following links:

      iTunes link:

      Podcast feed:


      Featuring the voice talents of:

      Jeffrey Bridges as Captain Jeffrey Bridges
      Adam Lebin as First Officer Adam Lebin
      Judah Friese as Chief Engineer Judah Friese
      Laura Lindle as Security Chief Annabelle Cayman
      R. Francis Smith as Security Second Jeffrey Hawk
      Steve Tardio as Lieutenant (j.g.) Auran Ganix
      Jack Calk as Lieutenant (j.g.) Jack Byers
      Mark Zaricor as Lieutenant (j.g.) Robert Sprite
      David Ault as Chief Medical Officer Holubiak
      Susan Bridges as Doctor Laine Rael
      Deborah Adams as Lieutenant (j.g.) Keahi Darcy
      Tom Backus as Lieutenant Commander Tom Backus
      Kim Gianopoulos as Commander Tru'un
      Tim Lasseter as Captain Klag
      and M Sieiro Garcia as Captain Miller

      Story and script by Brian Martinez Oldham
      Directed by Lyn Cullen
      Assistant Director Paul Brueggemann
      Edited by Susan Bridges
      Cover art by Paul Brueggemann
      Produced by Pendant Productions
      Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges


      Thanks for listening!

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