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  • Debi Jarrell
    Unless I missed something in the thread, I don t see where Eric ever said anything was being produced in poor audio or even needed to be cleaned up. He put
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      Unless I missed something in the thread, I don't see where Eric ever said anything was being produced in poor audio or even needed to be cleaned up.  He put forth his own shortcomings, as he saw them.  It's a good person who can see his own shortcomings and strive to do something to fix it.
      It seems to me that Paul, in his taking exception to an insult that I was not able to see, treated the suggestion as if it was something to threaten his time with his own projects.  A collaboration is a VOLUNTARY meeting of minds in the same place to create or finish something.  Even if a "society" of sorts is created, certainly collaboration within the ranks would be strictly voluntary.  Eric isn't saying that you would HAVE to help, but that perhaps a brainstorming session might be able to help, or perhaps each could LEARN from each other. 
      In my belief, the only time you aren't learning something is when you are dead and in a box somewhere.    That being said, I do think Paul's answer was a bit harsh.   It's kind of like "I got all my homework done, why can't you?" When Eric was saying "I can't finish mine, and I need a little help.  Maybe we can set up a study group."  Eric's not asking you, personally, to do something about his project, but to help a little on getting him where he needs to be.  And he's not even asking you, Paul, to do anything.  He's reaching out to everyone who is involved with his sort of project.
      Myself, I'm not interested in the newly produced radio drama - that's not what I rejoined for, and I don't seem to be getting what I came here for.    I'm here for the OLD in the Old Time Radio.  I want the things that my father listened to when he was a kid.  I had hoped to fill out my collection.   To others, the new stuff might be ok.
      You know... we have collaborations in my job, and in my other hobby - Digital scrapbooking.  If we can get people across disciplines collaborating on a University campus, and competing digital scrapbooking designers to collaborate without this kind of fighting, why can't the OTR community?  The easiest thing about collaboration is that if you don't want to do it, you just say NO and move on.
      It's great that you guys are able to have fun doing modern audio drama, but I still want the OLD stuff.
      -------Original Message-------
      Paul may have answered a bit harshly to some, but his concerns I agree with - who is to say that the audio drama community as it is now is producing poor quality audio?  Who is to say that anything needs to be 'cleaned up' in the online community?  Obviously there are those of us who have been here for some time who do not wish to collaborate, to work with certain people or group(s), for whatever reason.  Who enjoy working with the people or groups they are playing with no, and have no reason to change this model.

      Add to that the concerns of, if such a collaboration were to form, who would be in charge of said collaboration?  Who would pick said person or persons  (and what qualifies them to pick or be picked?)  What show or shows to collaborate on, and who gets to choose and why?

      There are a lot of questions that need answering before such an idea could come to fruition.  While the initial idea of a collaboration between the audio groups is a positive one, I think enough responses on the subject have come in to answer the BASIC question of collaboration simply, as follows:

      Most of us do not have the time or energy.

      That being said, there is always new blood coming in to each online audio group.  It may be interesting to see who of all those NEW MEMBERS within the various groups would want to band together, to see if THEY may wish to collaborate on a show or shows, and see what may result from that.  Tho it may end up forming yet another audio group, it may serve them well.

      Also, this idea of collaboration I have noticed is being sent out to a very limited number of online group email lists, with certain others noticeably absent.  This returns me to an earlier question - who gets to choose who collaborates and why?  Why this one person or group, and not another?

      Lots of logistics to fill. 

      An interesting idea, surely, but one that needs fuller answers.

      To me, anyways...


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