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This Week In Pendant episode 181 and Pendant Backstage episode 23!

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    PENDANT PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS: Original art by Paul Brueggemann for Pendant Productions Episode XXXI - The
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      Original art by Paul Brueggemann for Pendant Productions

      Episode XXXI - "The Distant Thunder"

      Truoy bumps into Darth Avarice, Kyle Katarn races to clear himself and the New Republic tips into civil war!

      "Star Wars: Blue Harvest" is a serialized, full-cast audio adventure with one new episode every month. Available for free download in .mp3 format, or as a Podcast!

      Also available -- a commentary track with the director and writer!

      Now available exclusively at PendantAudio.com via the following links:

      iTunes link:

      Podcast feed:


      Featuring the voice talents of:

      Bruce Busby as the Narrator
      Colin Kelly as Mox Treeb
      Bernadette Groves as Solara Deem
      Elaine Barrett as Mara Jade
      Ashwath Ganesan as Master Streen
      Jared Griego as Agent Nor-Haad
      Scott Barry as Kyle Katern
      M Sieiro Garcia as the Praxian Computer
      Mark Henshaw as Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Tricia Wise as Jan Ors
      Trent Clifton as the security chief
      Paul Brueggemann as Luke Skywalker
      Justin Young as Truoy Darklighter
      Pete Milan as the Bothan representative
      Richard Casto as Ponc Gavrisom
      Kristen Bays as the Brodo Asogi Representative
      Ashwath Ganesan as Admiral Ackbar
      Kateryna Fury as the Binn Representative
      Paul Lavelle as the Quarren Representative
      Jose Caldero as the Mon Calimari Representative
      M Sieiro Garcia as the alien hooker
      Kathryn Pryde as Darth Avarice
      Kathryn Pryde as Leia Organa Solo
      Kristen Bays as Mon Mothma
      Jerry Scullion as Han Solo
      Kim Gianopoulas as Lira Wessex
      and Scotty Vinnacombe as Darth Sidious

      Written by Bill Young and Kristen Bays
      Directed by Bill Young
      Assistant Director Julie T. Marshall
      Edited by M Sieiro Garcia
      Cover art by Paul Brueggemann
      Produced by Pendant Productions
      Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges


      Thanks for listening!

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