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OT: Perspective alters the best of intentions.

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  • Larry
    Hey guys, I had a couple of friends drive up to visit for the weekend (my birthday is next week, but this is when they could get away), so I only just now
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hey guys,

      I had a couple of friends drive up to visit for the weekend (my
      birthday is next week, but this is when they could get away), so I
      only just now caught all the posts concerning PotC, and I must
      say, many of the angry posts probably could have been avoided if
      assumptions hadn't been made by some readers, and the true intent
      could have been inferred or gleaned.

      Please remember, the English language is a wonderful thing, but
      misinterpretation, especially (albeit ironically, I think) when
      email is the medium. The most innocent of statements can often be
      taken as vile, and then the war begins.

      I would just like to take a moment to comment on a few of the
      statements that, I believe, were misinterpreted as negative that
      weren't, based on the actual language used. Please feel free to
      skip past this if it bores you, or to disagree with me, since I am
      merely expressing opinion derived from having experienced this
      unfortunate situation numerous times in the past, and always
      ending up scratching my head trying to figure out why everyone is
      getting upset. :) (And don't worry, this is a one-shot post
      intended to help put things in perspective, in hopes of setting
      some at ease and clearing the air/ruffled feathers, and not
      intended to be a log on the existing fire.)

      1. Whether you're a Christian or not, the authors of the movie
      have made it clear their intention was to simply create the first
      authentic, filmed depiction of the new testament, without pulling
      any punches or editing out the gory bits. Honest, truthful
      depictions of historical events is just good movie-making, not an
      attempt to take sides. I would personally prefer it if all
      historical films took their subjects as seriously. One could film
      a new movie about the civil war, but it doesn't mean they approved
      of or endorse slavery. Whether you like the movie or not, at least
      you can, I would hope, appreciate the goal of some movie-makers
      wanting to do the best that they could.

      2. Comments like "everyone should see this." I think the intent
      here is not to force something down everyone else's throats, but
      simply someone saying that they enjoyed the product on its own
      merits, and think that others would definitely feel moved by it as
      well, even if they disagree or don't believe in the premise. Not
      every friendly endorsement is an attempt at conversion. <Chuckle>

      3. As an open-minded conservative, and a die-hard movie fan (I
      stay for the credits!), I understood the liberal comment, and can
      assure you he truly was referring to the "Hollywood Establishment"
      mentality, not the political element. There is a liberal element
      in Hollywood that does their best to pander and affect changes to
      projects in an unflattering, politically correct way, and I know
      many liberal democrats that are just as annoyed at this practise.
      Nothing inflammatory or sinister is meant to be inferred by anyone
      other than those that are a part of this specific Hollywood group,
      and it's a common, fair gripe for any die-hard movie lover.

      4. Gibson won't be blackballed. It's being said, but Hollywood
      revolves on box office receipts, and Gibson made a blockbuster
      that's breaking sales records, and ultimately that's all they care
      about. They'd be insane to actually alienate someone that's proven
      themselves financially, and they know it. If you're a Gibson fan,
      you've got absolutely nothing to worry about. If he ever buys the
      rights from Kostner, however, and produces a sequel to Waterworld,
      we'll revisit this concept later. :)

      5. "If it upsets anyone, maybe they needed to be upset."

      I wasn't offended by that line, and I can explain why. Kelly is a
      Christian, and she's simply speaking as one would think. The
      intent of such a line, and trust me, I've heard it used numerous
      times in regards to similar topics, is to call attention to the
      casual, blase' attitude many Christians maintain over topics that,
      in truth, are very difficult and emotional. Christians that do
      take things seriously and appreciate the depth involved in
      religious events, often think shocking revelations are good for
      purposes of startling the ones that claim to be faithful, but
      really just follow the legalist angle, without really being
      serious about it in their hearts. Something that moves them deeply
      may just, in our opinion, get them to "wake up" and begin taking
      their professed religion seriously and stop coasting on occasional
      regurgitated scriptures and inherent self-deception. Kelly's only
      mistake was forgetting that this is a public forum, and that not
      everyone here would also be Christian, and thus not understand the
      innocence or context of the statement.

      6. On a final note, I want to encourage everyone to take a moment
      during those times that something hits you the wrong way and look
      it over again before responding. Many statements are misread or
      misunderstood, which is the nature of the beast when using email,
      and you may just be firing back at someone that didn't actually
      say something mean or insulting as you first thought. Time and
      time again, someone writes something inoffensive, but someone
      takes it the wrong way, and the response is ten times more angry
      and violent than the original was perceived to be, and what's
      really sad is that the majority of these "responses" end up doing
      the very thing they are protesting against, in the very same
      missive, which makes the author look *really* bad and petty. That
      extra minute or two could end up saving you a lot of grief and
      embarrassment, as well as avoiding hurting someone that didn't
      deserve to be hurt.

      Well, that's it. Just some hopefully helpful commentary to
      brighten your day, cause the birds to sing, and maybe just end
      world hunger and cause spontaneous peace to break out across the
      globe. Well, ok, maybe not, but by golly I gave it my best shot.

      PS: Someone said they didn't want to see Jesus Christ Superstar.
      It's an awesome movie. Biblically accurate? Not entirely (mainly
      the Judas element), but the message is still decent, if that's your
      thing, and if not, the music and singing are stunning. Trust me,
      your hair won't fall out if you see it. I used to go see it every
      year on Easter at the midnight movie, and it was a blast. Lots of
      fun for Christians and non-Christians alike.

      Best regards,

      Larry mailto:Kurgan@...
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