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  • Tom Bush
    Well lordy be, Now miss denise why do YOU have to introduce the N word here??? Why don t we just agree to disagree and let this go???????? Tom Bush ... From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 29, 2004
      Well lordy be, Now miss denise why do YOU have to introduce the "N" word here???
      Why don't we just agree to disagree and let this go????????
      Tom Bush
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      From: Miss Denise
      To: oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 11:00 AM
      Subject: [OTRMP3] Tom

      aaaahh, yes I have heard the old song. "We don't have anything against "negras". In fact we love our good niggers. It's not them. It's those bad niggers who live up north and keep badmouthing our Great South.

      Thank you Tom. Perhaps you can spare us any further pontificating.

      Miss Denise
      (A black woman who indeed knows "the code").

      Again Irene, I was talking about "HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS". not the usual liberals or for that matter conservatives. It's the ones in Hollywood who live in other countrys and bad mouth out Great Country...
      Leave if you must but I hope you don't....
      Tom Bush
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      From: Irene Heinstein
      To: oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 10:45 PM
      Subject: Re: [OTRMP3] Way off topic but....

      I've decided to leave this group since I suspect your poor and insensitive response is representative of this group and in accordance with your description of the group. Let's call it the OTR Righteous Christian, anti-liberal OTR group. It's a lot better to talk about what we have in common rather than our differences.

      All I have in common with you is that we are both Christians but definitely with different sensitivities. You seem to assume that this group of friends as you call it all are Christian and followers of Jesus. The odds of that being true are definitely long. You don't seem to care at all if there are any members who don't share your beliefs.

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    • Larry
      TB Well lordy be, Now miss denise why do YOU have to introduce the N word here??? Heh, I grew up in an environment that had racial epithets in every other
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
        TB> Well lordy be, Now miss denise why do YOU have to introduce the "N" word here???

        Heh, I grew up in an environment that had racial epithets in
        every other sentence (I'm from New York originally), and to any
        of us, regardless of race, the "N" word, as you call it, was
        just as harmless as any other, and I've always laughed when
        people start taking things too seriously, or when they tell you
        "you can't use that word" but they clearly still do themselves.
        Silly, just silly.

        I recall a few hilarious examples that may just give you pause
        and a giggle. They certainly make me laugh and help put things
        in their true perspective, which serves to slap us in the face
        and say "lighten up!" :)

        I knew a man that went to a Chinese restaurant. Being his usual
        goofball self, he raised his hand to summon the waiter, and he
        decided to add the typical French statement, "Garcon! Garcon!"
        (Probably spelled wrong, but you get the idea.)

        Suddenly this little Chinese man races over to the table, looks
        him straight in the eye, ready to take their orders, and
        responds, "Oui, monsieur!"

        Another time there was this redneck guy working in a kitchen,
        and one of his fellow co-workers, a black man, was trying to get
        him to say "nigger." The guy was so scared to say it, having
        grown up in today's society and filled with these ridiculous
        taboos, and the black guy was doing his best not to crack up
        laughing. He kept pushing, and finally the white guy uttered a
        croaked, accented "neeeeeeeegerrrr," all the while shaking in
        his boots in fear. The black guy busted up laughing, and I'm
        glad to see a black man that finds it humorous and doesn't
        assume everything is hate-filled. People are just people, and
        words are just words. I tend to take each as they come and make
        my determinations as they are merited. Assumptions form
        dangerous patterns.

        And to close, as well as top everything off, I'll add a personal

        I'm an Indian (Seneca, to be specific), and I went to lunch one
        day with my friend Mark, who is as white as you can get, blonde
        hair, blue eyes, etc. He had heard a new racial slue in a movie
        regarding Indians the previous night, and was waiting for a
        chance to lay it on me. So, we're sitting there at a Wendy's
        eating lunch, and he waits for me to take a big bite of my
        burrito, looks me straight in the eye, and says casually,
        "Prairie Nigger."

        I spew. All over the place. Then I bust up laughing and attempt
        to recompose myself amidst the greasy, sour-cream covered

        I wait a few minutes as things get back to normal, having
        decided on my revenge and needing the perfect time to inflict
        it. Minutes later we're composed and back to eating, and *I* now
        wait for him to have a mouthful. He does, and I casually start
        off with, "Yeah, I'm not a racist. I think all of my
        subservients should have variety..."

        He spews. Got 'em! My reward? Now *I'm* covered in goo, but it
        was worth it, watching him sit there with tears running down his
        cheeks and a rueful "you sumbich" look on his face. :)

        Words are words, and none of us really cared, because we could
        easily tell when someone really meant something nasty, and then,
        if they did, does it really matter which specific words they
        chose to get the point across? "I hate you" is just as bad and
        to to point, right? Avoiding certain words doesn't change a
        person's intent, and just deprives us of some colorful lingo to
        employ fun-loving torture on those we love, as depicted above.

        Oh, one thing. I later raced over to see a friend of mine, a
        fellow Indian (he's Crow tribe), and I rushed up and laid it on
        him. "Prairie Nigger!" sez I with a grin on my face, expecting
        him to bust up laughing.

        He almost punched me.

        Ok, so not *everyone* has a sense of humor. :)

        Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

        Best regards,

        Larry mailto:Kurgan@...
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