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(Newbie) Radio Dramatizations/Plays

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  • Larry
    Hi! New to the group. I m a collector of radio dramatizations, such as the BBC dramas and NPR playhouse. I was wondering if anyone knows of a list that anyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2003

      New to the group. I'm a collector of radio dramatizations, such as
      the BBC dramas and NPR playhouse. I was wondering if anyone knows
      of a list that anyone may have created that lists dramatizations
      for collectors. I've found that WinMX is, so far, the best source
      for finding them, but there are a lot of general audiobooks that
      other people collect, and that are hard to differentiate from what
      I'm actually looking for. Obvious keywords don't always work. :) If
      anyone has, or knows of, such a "checklist" I'd really appreciate
      the heads-up.

      As for traditional OTR, I haven't done a lot of downloading yet. I
      noticed that a LOT of the old shows are easily available cheap on
      auction sites, and I'd rather blow 3-5 bucks on the cd than spend
      weeks downloading hundreds of shows. :) Clearly there are shows not
      available, so I'll eventually end up doing a lot of that
      downloading and looking for trades. I'm sure that'll be fun! :) My
      only full set so far is X-Minus One. I've got a DVD burner now, so
      once I build up a few sets of shows I'll be able to do large trades

      One last comment. For those of you that use P2P software for
      building your collections, as I do, I've recently begun using
      merging software to make it easier, and would like to suggest it
      to you, as well. Clearly this isn't an option for large series,
      but for small series, say 2-24 parts, this has proven invaluable
      for making uploads & downloads easier for fellow collectors.
      Tracking down a bunch of pieces can take forever and can easily
      drive you a little crazy, so it would be nice if we got into the
      habit. I try to use Albumwrap for most of them, since you can
      later extract the individual components if needed, but that one
      doesn't like more than a couple dozen pieces, and it also doesn't
      like low bitrate files (16 & under cause it problems). For those,
      I've started using MP3 Splitter & Joiner, but I'm sure anything
      similar will do the job. Since I've started doing this, the
      response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I too am very
      happy when I find combined collections to download. Anything to
      make collecting easier! :)

      Ps. On a humorous note, I've noticed a coincidental tidbit that's
      almost turned into a running gag now. When talking about OTR with
      another collector, somehow the subject of "what's the worst show"
      or "which one do you hate the most" always seems to come up, and,
      for whatever odd reason, the answer is always the same: Cinnamon
      Bear! <Shiver> I'm just curious if this holds true here with you
      guys, too.

      Best regards,

      Larry mailto:Kurgan@...
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