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  • Carl Godfrey
    Hi, David, ... Unfortunately, no. If you burn a CD-RW and close the CD, you must erase the disc to burn to it again. You can leave the disc open but close the
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 2, 2002
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      Hi, David,

      >>As far as your problem with not being able to ad more files to a disc:
      >>there is a setting in the dialog box that appears whe you click the
      >>record button that tells the program whether or not to close the disc
      >>after the burn. If it closes the disc, you can never write to the disc
      >>again, not matter how much space should be left the disc will show as
      > This of course refers only to CD-R's?
      Unfortunately, no. If you burn a CD-RW and close the CD, you must erase
      the disc to burn to it again. You can leave the disc open but close the
      session and this will allow you to continue burning on either type of
      disc, but make sure your player offers multi-session support first.
      Otherwise it won't see all the data.

      >As far as Direct CD goes, once a disc is written with this program a
      >couple of rules apply:
      > 1) When you use Direct CD, because of the way this program "formats"
      >the disc, you immediately lose almost 100 MB from the storage capacity
      >of your disc, therefore, a 650 MB disc becomes a 550 MB disc. The only
      >was to get this space back on a CD-RW is to erase the disc.
      > That's interesting, because the first otr CD I burned (the CD-RW that
      >worked, the one that I accessed as I would a floppy, and added to and
      >deleted from through Windows Explorer, as with a floppy) had been formatted
      >with Direct CD. I think my problem may be that the DCD formats CD-RW's
      >differently than CD-R's.
      > I notice that when I finish using a CD-RW the exit message from DCD
      >says that it can be read "on any CD-RW drive, and any multiread drive
      >running DCD"- whereas the exit msg for a CD-R says that the reader drive
      >must have DCD installed.
      This is because the UDF packet-writing format requires that drivers be
      installed on any PC that wants to read the discs. Direct CD of course
      installs these drivers so that it can fulfill its function. But on any
      PC that does not have UDF packet-writing drivers, the data on the disc
      would appear in its "raw" form and would be unusable.

      As you say, there may be issues with CD-R and CD-RW as there are
      differences in the way the data is stored on them. I'm not really sure;
      since the purpose of Direct CD is to offer similar functionality to what
      you have with hard drives and floppies, I honestly never saw any value
      to using it with read-only discs. Something else I should point out is
      this: when you delete files from a Direct CD disc, the files aren't
      deleted merely obscured. This means that deleting files does not give
      you back disc space, so again you need to either erase or use DCD to
      format the disc again.

      > So my questions are:
      > 1. Do I need to wait to burn a CD-R until I have a disk's worth of data,
      >since apparently I can't add to it incrementally? If so, are there any
      > 2. Is this also true of CD-RW's, despite my (successful) experience using
      > DCD? The reduction of storage space is less important than the convenience
      >of being able to use it as a floppy and play it on my Slim X, for obvious
      > Sorry to belabor this, and many thanks for all your help.
      1. If you don't mind losing 30 MB to the new Table of Contents each
      time you burn, go ahead. If you're only copying a few shows at a time,
      it seems like a bit of a waste, but if you're copying larger groups of
      shows, why worry? Let's face it: even 500MB of OTR in MP3 format is a
      lot of listening. The alternative is DCD with CD-RW which appears to
      have already worked for you.

      2) Most of what applies to CD-R also applies to CD-RW although the fact
      that CD-R discs are only re-usable until their full and can't be erased
      like CD-RW. I agree that DCD seems to offer convenience, but in my
      experience, DCD caused more trouble than it was worth. To each his own,
      really. Nero has packet-writing software as well, but I can't be
      bothered installing it.

      I don't think you're belabouring anything. You're having a problem and
      you're hoping someone can help you with it. If you look back over my
      posts in various groups over the last couple months, you'll see that I
      enjoy offering whatever assistance I can. I've been at this game a wee
      while now and I don't mind offering help to anyone who needs it. Since
      you've already verified that audio CDs still play in your Slim X, we
      know that it's still working. Now all we need to do is figure out what
      is causing your burning problem. Offering tech support without being
      able to actually "see" the problem is tricky, but I like a challenge.


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