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Re: {Disarmed} [OTRMP3] Suspense

On 04/14/2015 10:42 PM, vincenteca@... [oldradioshowsonmp3] wrote: I know that many if not most (or even ALL) folks here prefer radio drama to tv shows,
Kinney Baughman
Apr 15


I know that many if not most (or even ALL) folks here prefer radio drama to tv shows, but did you know that there was a series on CBS TV called "Suspense" and
Apr 14

Re: Command Performance on Film

I stand corrected. I am informed that Command Performance was a half-hour (and sometimes a full hour) show (thanks for the update L.M.), but indeed this
Vincente Tobias
Apr 14

Re: Command Performance on Film

Just one slight correction: Command Performance was a half-hour show (with occasional hour-long specials). To: amosandy@yahoogroups.com;
L. M.
Apr 14

Command Performance on Film

Excuse the cross-posting here but I thought this would be of interest to a number of people in these groups. Anne gave us a link for old movies at
Vincente Tobias
Apr 14

We will never die: an extraordinary and rare recording from 1943

We Will Never Die was a dramatic pageant staged before an audience of 40,000 at Madison Square Garden
Mar 30

February download at CHRS

Feeling lucky? Then visit our website for the newest download. http://www.californiahistoricalradio.com/et-project/
Feb 13

Tribute to "Little" Jimmy Dickens

I posted the following on my blog in tribute to the death of a Grand Ole Opry legend. "Little" Jimmy Dickens Shook Every Hand, Dead At Age 94
Jan 3

Happy New Year from Byron and Radio Dismuke

Happy 2015to You All Have a Happy One !Enjoy the 78rpm Audiohttp://od.lk/8pqr Byron Also Radio Dismuke is airing it's New Years Eve 78rpm Broadcast at
Dec 31, 2014

Re: December download at CHRS

You have probably found that the file could not be opened. I have corrected the text so the correct password can now be entered. I apologize for the mistake.
Dec 31, 2014

Re: Tiger! Tiger! 1991 BBC

While poking around trying to find an archival episode of "The Shape of Things to Come" Tiger! Tiger! (without success unfortunately), I came across this:
Vincente Tobias
Dec 28, 2014

Re: Tiger! Tiger! 1991 BBC

I have this file at a 48kb bit rate. IF you don't find a Higher Q encode I can put it up on my 4shared site (unless you have a better suggestion. Can't do
Dec 27, 2014

Re: Tiger! Tiger! 1991 BBC

Wish I could help! One of the novels that changed SCI _FI forever. I read it when I was about 12 years old. And I have read it every year since then. Hmmm ..
Charles Brunsman
Dec 27, 2014

Tiger! Tiger! 1991 BBC

I cant find this mp3 anywhere, please help.  Tiger! Tiger! By Alfred Bester1991 Sci-Fi Main character : Gulliver FoyleNetwork : BBCParts : 1Size : 30Location
William Wallace
Dec 27, 2014

Re: October download at CHRS

I'm sorry you had trouble opening the zip file. Please remember that the instructions for downloading and opening the zip are always in the post, so you'll
Dec 27, 2014
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