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83I'm so Happy to have found this club

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  • RickP98
    Feb 5, 2000
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      I was about to start my own club on yahoo for us
      otr fans when I discovered this one. Great work
      Patrick! I want to say Hi to Throckmorton and Fibber, 2
      fellow webhosts. I run Rick's old time radio page and
      have been uploading mp3 programs every week(except a 4
      or 5 week period) since I think February of 98. I
      have had a blast doing it. I've been collecting for a
      long time and I have never run across nicer people
      then those in the otr community. We are all willing to
      help others in all kinds of ways. My favorite show is
      Fibber McGee and Molly. I have over 420 episodes. Mr. Al
      Girard was supposed to get back with me on filling my
      collection but I think we have both been so busy we have not
      had time to get together and do some trading. I have
      many thousands of shows and love to trade. I found a
      great way too. Something called Juston.com that allows
      50mgs of space to store files on. I can upload what you
      want and you can upload the shows I want. Well I look
      forward to much more with this club. Hope we can start up
      a chat someday Patrick. I read all the posts and
      found nothing about the chat ability of this site so I
      guess you really don't want to fool with it right now.
      you all come visit my site. I put a link to it on the
      links section of this page.<br><br>Rick Phillips Yucca
      Valley CA
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