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45910RE: RE: RE: Who Know What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Yahoo - The Shadow Knows

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  • old_radios
    Oct 1, 2013

      Thanks Rick! Nice to hear form you. 

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      It is a problem tracking and signing up for those distro groups using polls I hear...mine is a ME2 distro group and it has no effect on tracking or sign ups .Polls were pretty much useless to begin with and a poor way to do tracking and distros....overly complicates a simple process..I've tried both.  Actually the new design looks great..a couple of things don't work as well but no biggie as far as a change so far....at least it isn't the totally unworkable Facebook mess they almost did a couple of years ago. I remember the groups change around 01 or 02...no one liked it but everyone got used to it fairly quickly. Since the new neo look presents no problems for distro groups I suspect this one will do well also, as many groups don't use half the functions you have to use for distroing otr.




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      I don't see what the catastrophe is? The group page looks slightly different, when you look at your groups now with http://groups.yahoo.com/neo you see new messages from all of the groups you belong to.  

      If being here is causing you so much anxiety, then just stay with your group. 

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      Yahoo has NEO'ed most of the groups and the ones that have not been will be shortly.  On top of that, we've found out that they plan even more changes.
      The OTRR has created a trial forum in case we have to rapidly escape the coming catastrophe.  We invite members here to help try it out.  You can join by going to -

      and join by answering a simple question.
       Be a part of the discussion.
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