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45909RE: Re: [OTRMP3] RE: Who Know What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Yahoo - The Shadow Knows

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  • old_radios
    Oct 1, 2013
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       Hey Dean,

      Ok,yeah, I could see why this would cause aggravation. I only use Yahoo on my pc and laptop, so I don;t see all of these issues. Some devices like Iphones and Ipods were just too small for me anyway.

      Nice to hear from you and I hope they get the problems fixed


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      Hi Pat.
      In my case the problem is having migrated to the android platform 23 months ago.

      Things were fine until new mail and groups NEO were forced on me. Depending on which unit I am using I get a different set of problems. I have flavors ranging from ver. 1.5, 2.3 and 4.1(twice) and brands ranging from Pandigital, Nextbook and Polaroid.

      I have to use one unit to download, another to read Yahoo Mail and a third to work with groups Things are getting better as time goes by but NEO has been a disaster on this platform. Some of the changes that are fixes for windows cause unexpected problems on Android. Where I used to be able to zoom a page up to see the text better now I can't, and if zoomed you have to scroll the lines to read the page.

      Many are the same type problems that we had 15/20 years ago as tech had to adjust to newer programing (html etc). It's not all Yahoo in my case but a lack of testing these changes over the range of platforms that is getting a lot of people irate. I understand that the Ipads have almost as many problems.

      Good to see you still kicking around.

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      I don't see what the catastrophe is? The group page looks slightly different, when you look at your groups now with http://groups.yahoo.com/neo you see new messages from all of the groups you belong to.  

      If being here is causing you so much anxiety, then just stay with your group. 

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      Yahoo has NEO'ed most of the groups and the ones that have not been will be shortly.  On top of that, we've found out that they plan even more changes.
      The OTRR has created a trial forum in case we have to rapidly escape the coming catastrophe.  We invite members here to help try it out.  You can join by going to -

      and join by answering a simple question.
       Be a part of the discussion.

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