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  • freecycle matthew
    Mar 15, 2013
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      My experience with CD's and DVD's VS USB flash drives has been the exact reverse.  I find that with the data density on DVD's that they are extremely sensitive even in a home environment, no less in a car.  Both CD's and DVD's are not up to what you can keep in a car for a long term, at least here in central NY where I live.  I have even had CD's literally come apart.  Between the bitter cold in the winter and the heat of the summer and the humidity.  Over the years I have had exactly one flash drive fail, and that one was a freebie Microsoft gave me at a trade show.  I physically lost a couple of them, but back when I used CD's I used to loose them on occasion as well.  A USB stick you find jammed between the seats seems to work OK a year later when you clean it off.  A CD that is all gashed up does not work so good.

      Outside of the media there is also the larger, and more expensive question of the player.  The CD or DVD drive in your car stereo is a complicated beast.  I know mine does not like the wicked cold, I know it does not like it when it is real humid.  On the flip side, the interface for the USB stick is a few conductors.  Much simpler.  Zero moving parts.  Mine works great in any weather.  And no wear and tear on the optical drive.

      The last thing is archival storage.  I would not use USB sticks nor optical disks for archival storage.  I keep my archives a few ways.  One is the stuff I really would miss I keep locally on at least two USB hard drives.  So i fone dies I have it on at least one other.  My main server also has a RAID disk array that will tolerate one hard drive failing.  I also keep some of my stuff backed up "to the cloud".  I also have been free in giving my collection away so it is replicated in other physical locations.  If I ever really needed to I could ask one of the folks I gave it to for a copy of it back.  Sharing is really good for everybody.

      The stuff I keep the USB sticks are the "working copies" I am listening to and not my archival copies.  With my music collection I keep the original copies in a lossless format and either play them nativity in that format at home, or zap them into an appropriate bitrate MP3 format for my mobile devices.  I find in the car with the engine and road noise, my ham radio yammering on in the background I don't really need "hi fi" copies.

      As always, your mileage may vary..


      On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:39 PM, sipseywilderness <sipseywilderness@...> wrote:

      I've had 3 of 6 flash drives to fail within 3 years....but have dvds that are about 10 yrs old and still ok.....guess it depends on how long you wish to store things. You can fit a lot of mp3s on a dvd and then put them on a flash to listen to if you wish. Just depends on if you are a listener or a listener and collector or not I guess.


      --- In oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com, "Michael" <professorgriffith@...> wrote:
      > At present I download the shows onto my computer then burn them to a CD. Each CD fits only 80 minutes, and I go through about 3 a day as I drive for work.
      > I do have a 16gb flash drive to store the shows on, but I have yet to even open it. I think the brand is Scandisk.
      > I'm slow to adapt. :-)

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