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45670Re: CD's or Flash Drive

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  • ac9ts
    Mar 15 4:46 AM
      If you have a newer car radio, it may have the capability to play MP3 CDs as well as audio CDs. Try burning a CD as "Data" and store some MP3 files on it. Put some at the root and try putting some in a folder. Usually, 1 level (i.e. Root and 1 directory level but multiple directories) is allowed.

      Personally, I use a thumb drive. I have a place to plug it in on my dash and the contents are displayed and played through the stereo. I keep the "masters" on hard drives and DVDs and just copy a 100 or so OTR files to the flash drive (along with music, podcasts, etc.) for the car. When I finish them, a quick erase and re-fill.


      --- In oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com, "Michael" <professorgriffith@...> wrote:
      > At present I download the shows onto my computer then burn them to a CD. Each CD fits only 80 minutes, and I go through about 3 a day as I drive for work.
      > I do have a 16gb flash drive to store the shows on, but I have yet to even open it. I think the brand is Scandisk.
      > I'm slow to adapt. :-)
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