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43636Verbatim unbranded (silver shiny) 8x DVD+R @ Microcenter

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  • Robert M. Bratcher Jr.
    Aug 1 6:10 PM
      Microcenter has 100 pack Verbatim DVD+R 8x for $19.95


      The discs are silver shiny, say nothing about Verbatim on the white
      label or on the discs themselves although not only do they have a
      valid Verb mid code (MCC003) but the DVDInfopro tests I just got were great!!

      Now whether you consider $19.95 to be a good price for them is up to
      you. I was in the store to get a Western Digital My Book 1 terrabyte
      external usb drive & saw a big table of these 8x disc spindles in the
      middle of the store not too far from the CD & DVD media. So I picked
      one up & brought it home for the usual testing. Looks fine with a
      sharpie & burns great at both 4 & 8x. I'm going to burn one at 1x in
      my Magnavox standalone DVD recorder & I'm fairly sure the DVDInfopro
      test results will be good also. I only wish it was silver or white
      inkjet printable!! Oh well, I'll use them up anyway....
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