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43024Re: [OTRMP3] Ryan's disks 460-466 and 467-472

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  • Robert M. Bratcher Jr.
    Apr 1, 2009
      At 11:11 PM 3/31/2009, you wrote:

      >I'm interested, and could re-offer.
      >Wes Dickey

      Wes, I sent you a copy of Ryans Discs 467-472 on the 31st so if he
      sends both to you then you will get a copy of one disc from me also
      since you asked me to send 467-472 when I offered it a few days ago.
      I accepted 3 offers & they (including yours) got mailed off yesterday......

      >From: ylifawn <<mailto:ylifawn%40yahoo.com>ylifawn@...>
      >Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:55:47 PM
      >Subject: [OTRMP3] Ryan's disks 460-466 and 467-472
      >I have the 2 disk ready to pass along, if anyone would like them I can mail
      >by friday. Any takers?
      >Ylifawn@yahoo. com
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