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  • billapostol
    Jan 2, 2009
      hi all,

      I have been collecting OTR for over 6 years now, mainly though P2P
      sharing. i HATE distros so i don't participate in them. i ran an ftp
      server by invitation only for over a year until i started using VOIP
      phone service. the ftp server used too much uplink bandwith.

      for quite a while, i have wanted to start an otr download website. i
      finally found a host that would host my 300+gigs of shows affordably (i

      i brought the site up on 12/31 and with 5.5G of files had almost 600
      megs of downloads on 1/1.

      the main address is http://TennesseeBillsOTR.com
      <http://TennesseeBillsOTR.com> and insiders (yes, that's you) can have
      access to the file direcories where the files are. i am uploading files
      throughout the day, and for the next few months, probably, and i'll only
      update the download page a few times a week.

      you can go to http://TennesseeBillsOTR.com/otr/
      <http://TennesseeBillsOTR.com/otr/> and see everything that is online
      as it is added.

      if you want to link to the site, please use the main site page, not the
      otr/ page. if you are typing the address manually, don't forget to add
      the trailing slash after otr 'otr/' so the web server knows you want a
      directory listing rather than an html page.

      by the end of today, i'll probably have 16gigs or more online to

      if you have any requests, drop me a line at

      my html and front page skills are terrible as you can see from the site.
      i hate the theme... i just picked the first one and ran with it. the
      main thing is getting the files online.

      there will be one less reason to buy otr cds... funny thing, i have
      recognized files on some of the sites that i have named and put in my
      shares. all the files that i rename with otter have tennesseebill.com
      in the metadata. i have seen files from otr vendors that still had my
      metadata info in it!




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