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  • Mestistopheles
    Apr 1, 2008
      My name is Peggy and I live in the Wintery Wilds of Wisconsin. I joined
      this group so I could make another attempt at listening to my favorite
      programs on "old time radio". The reason I say " another attempt" is
      that I have joined other radio groups, hoping to ostensibly make some
      copies and listen to them when I want to.

      I have never done that as I can't figure out how to burn them to a
      CD..or a mp3..( I have no idea what that is) or load them onto a mp3
      player ( I have a nice one..I can't figure it out).

      So, I joined, and hopefully I will figure this out. I really like the
      mystery shows more than the funny ones, and my biggest plan is to
      finally figure out hw to copy the CBS Radio Mstery Theatre to one of
      the devices I have and just set in my rocker and let E.G. Marshell take
      me away!

      Thaks for listening..
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