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40842Re: [OTRMP3] Re: Documentary?

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  • Michael Ballard
    Apr 1, 2007
      Thank you for the information. I'm browsing through the links you provided.


      mario_mot <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      At the library in the city where I used to live (Arlington Hts, IL),
      they had videotapes of some OTR recreations done by a group of
      people who, IIRC, were associated with the Chicago Museum of
      Broadcasting. Maybe you can contact either location to obtain/borrow
      a copy. I hope this helps.



      --- In oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com, Michael Ballard
      <mpbotr@...> wrote:
      > As a new member to this group, I must admit that I've enjoyed the
      passion for otr evidenced by the group as well as the knowledge and
      willingness to share.
      > As I try to 'raise up' the next generation (i.e. my children) to
      appreciate OTR, I made a discovery. I think that if I could find a
      show/documentary/visual of the production of one of the radio shows
      of the 30's, 40's, or 50's, my kids would have a better view of how
      the show was produced.
      > Do any of you know of such a visual aid? Any help would be
      appreciated. There was that Charlie Chan movie based on a radio
      show murder, but I'm not sure if it's an accurate portrayal of the
      making of a radio show.

      8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
      with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.

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