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39835Re: [OTRMP3] Re: Looking for good Halloween episodes.

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  • Stephen Breen
    Sep 1, 2006
      Anybody who has a Streamload (Media Max) account - I can spam you with a huge bunch of horror shows, some selected episodes and many whole series... I'm most interested in recent(ish) BBC stuff but that hasn't stopped me accumulating lots of other stuff.

      Streamload just switched me over to their new Media Max service so I'm not sure how everything works these days, but a free account ought to be good enough to download a LOT of individual episodes.

      Also some of my favorites - and a good many others - are posted here:

      Ben Dooley <Bappyboy@...> wrote: Thanks everyone for your ownderful suggestions.

      Some of them I've heard before, but long ago, and perhaps deserve a
      relisten. Others sound great, but I don't have so I'll have to track
      them down.

      Also, if there are any comedy Halloween episodes that are great, like
      Fibber McGee, or Miss Brooks, or even ones for kids like Archie
      Andrews, that would be great as well.

      Again, Thank you,
      > ben dooley
      > bappyboy@...
      > www.ttdyradio.com

      Get your own web address for just $1.99/1st yr. We'll help. Yahoo! Small Business.

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