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39347Re: [OTRMP3] Is radio drama dead?

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  • barryem
    Jun 1, 2006
      --- In oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Dermody"
      <dermbrian@...> wrote:

      > I'm only 50, but I've had a love of radios all my life. From my
      > crystal set, my first shortwave radio, my first heathkit shortwave
      > working on HF receivers and transmitters in the Navy, and now at
      > having a few old sets around the house. It's harder to love the
      > stuff...at least for me.

      I'm 65 and I love the new stuff. I'm living on SS so I don't have a
      lot of it but I have enough and it's fun.

      I guess my favorite technology today is my MP3 player. Being retired
      I have a lot of time to spend listening to OTR and audiobooks and
      audiodrama and I love to go walking and take it with me or sit in the
      gazebo or on the front porch at night and listen.

      The MP3 player I currently have in my shirt pocket right now (I have
      several) is somewhat smaller than a Bic lighter and, including the
      battery it weighs less than an oumce. I have a headphone cord draped
      around my neck so the earbud on either side is easy to poke into my
      ear. It's just always there ready to be heard.

      On board I have two audiobooks, totalling about 15 hours of listening
      and the thing is only about 1/3 full. I have another one handy with
      lots of OTR on it.

      I love this stuff because of what it lets me do.

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