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35796Re: [OTRMP3] Oscar's Renamer

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  • jmcd1000@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2005
      And now we take you back to our regular programing, already in progress.

      In a message dated 1/31/2005 9:48:24 P.M. Central Standard Time,
      dump3137@... writes:

      Hi gang. I'm new to the group (as of yesterday). I think its great
      that there are groups devoted to the collection of OTR. By
      collecting OTR programs, we are not only satisfying ourselves but are
      playing a small part in preserving those great programs for all
      time. I strongly encourage those into OTR to encourage family,
      friends and others to do the same. Many of my generation (32 years
      old) grew up listening to re- broadcasts of the old shows and loved
      them right away.

      Apart from sharing some of my views on OTR, I am posting here to let
      everyone know about a great file renaming program. If you are a
      serious collector like myself, chances are you have or will be doing
      a great deal of renaming files. Of course, using Windows alone to
      rename a folder of 100 or so programs is like driving a car with
      square wheels. There are of course many renaming programs on the net
      to do the job. I had the good fortune to come across one called
      Oscar's renamer. It's the best one I have ever seen. As far as I
      know, it is the only renaming program that functions like a text
      editor. The program will display all the files within a folder like
      a line of text within an text editor. This gives the user several
      advantages, the largest being the ability to scroll up and down
      changing file names. Many standard text editor functions are
      integrated into the program such as Find, Find and Replace and Undo
      for example. While other renaming programs only allow algorithmic
      (procedurally defined) renaming, Oscar's lets you make changes as you
      wish. The program has a neat macro function which proves to be
      extremely productive within this text editor concept. This is
      definitely worth having for any serious OTR collector, or anyone else
      who just wants a quality renamer. While it may not have every
      function that a deluxe renamer would have, its unique operations far
      outweigh its limitations. You will find the program available at
      mediachance.com under the "free tools" link on the lower left of the
      home page. At worst, it will supplement your current renaming
      programs. If you're like me though, you will use it every day as
      your primary renamer for just about every renaming task. Oh yeah,
      and like the link suggests, IT'S FREE!


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