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32438Re: [OTRMP3] Recording Help!

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  • Dan Kjeldgaard
    Dec 1, 2003
      dBpowerAmp is what you fellas NEED - free and just terrific!
      Enter the name in a Google search & you shall find it

      --- David DeWitt <DaveDe114@...> wrote:
      > > I am trying to record an audio CD into an MP3, but for some reason I
      > > can't get a decent recording. It is faint and distorted. I've done
      > > this before, but I seem to be doing something wrong. I've tried two
      > > recording programs, ACE and AUDIO MP3 SOUND RECORDER. I've tried
      > > the recording input volume on medium and max volume. I've checked
      > > the Microphone in, the Line In, and the CD Audio. None of them work
      > > properly. Please help.
      > >
      > > Hi, I am a newbie but I have a program that converts Wav files
      > (from audio or data cd's) into Mp3's and back again Called "Acoustica
      > Mp3 to Wav Plus" from Acoustica.com. Once installed, you have a right
      > click option to convert back and forth when a file is chosen with the
      > mouse. I am able to change Mp3's to wavs and then burn them onto a cd
      > that will play in my car's cd player or in my portable cd player. I
      > love it! There is a free version, too. I bought the original
      > program, "Mp3 to Wav" after trying it, for I think $19.95 and
      > received the "Mp3 to Wav Plus" version as a free update. Just a
      > thought on this subject I found when looking over some of the posts
      > tonight. I have no affiliation with Acoustica, but love this little
      > program, let me tell you!
      > David~


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