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29257Re: [OTRMP3] How did you get hooked on OTR?

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  • barryem
    May 6, 2003
      --- In oldradioshowsonmp3@yahoogroups.com, Sabrina <SabbieTrick@c...>
      > Just saw your post on how did you get hooked on OTR.

      I grew up listening to what is now OTR but then for years, a decade,
      or two, mmaybe, between the last radio Gunsmoke shows and CBS Radio
      Mystery Theater, I never heard or thought about it. CBSRMT got me
      started again in a small way. I listened to that off and on for
      years. Then I sort of forgot it again, although I did find OTR
      broadcasts to listen to, accidentally, now and then.

      One day in a used bookstore I came across a shoebox full of cassettes
      of OTR shows. Mostly comedies. I guess this was about the middle
      80's. I bought this and looked for more and then I found another
      shoe box at the same store a few weeks later with Richard Diamond
      shows. I listened and I hated the silly stories. But they were all
      the dramas I had and gradually I began to like them. I guess I had
      to get re-aquanted with the styles of the past.

      That's about when OTR tapes began to appear in bookstores and I
      bought a few and enjoyed them till one day I got a pack of 12
      Suspense shows. Then I was hooked.

      Even though I thought I was a pretty avid listener in the days of
      yore, I find now that a lot of the shows being collected are ones I
      never knew about, or, if I did, I have no memory of them. Box 13 and
      The Six Shooter are examples of shows I think I should have been
      aware of, if only because of the big stars involved.

      So I sort of get it both ways. I know a lot of the old shows from
      the old days and I remember how it was to listen then, and still huge
      amounts of this are totally new experiences for me.

      I don't think a lot about OTR now except when talking with someone
      about it. But I listen a lot. Just when I feel like it, which is
      fairly often.

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