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29238RE: [OTRMP3] How did you get hooked on OTR?

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  • Sabrina
    May 5 6:17 PM
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      Hi Bob

      Just saw your post on how did you get hooked on OTR. For me I had become
      bored with most TV and I wanted something new. I found something new in
      something old. OTR. I usually listen when I go to bed. I can close my eyes
      and visualize the show I am listening to. I first notice that this relaxed
      me when listening to American Movie Classic on TV but sense so much is
      visual with movies I didn't get the full story this way. Then one night I
      just happen to think about the fact that there used to be radio shows before
      the spread of TV and wondered if I could find any of those show on the net.
      The next day I did a search. I didn't find a lot of shows out there for free
      but I did find this group and joined. I got a few shows from hints I found
      here. I then decided that I would check out Usenet Newgroups and P2P
      services and see if I could find any shows there. I found that in both case
      there were shows to be had so I started building my collection A while after
      that I thought I would like to put some stuff out there for those like
      myself who could not afford to buy the shows so I set up my servers which
      are open to all members of the group. They are ran directly off my computer
      so I can't carry the traffic to open it to the everyone on the net but with
      some limits I can open it to the group. In case you haven't seen my post
      about how to access the servers I am including the info you need.

      For FTP:

      User Name: OTR

      Password: OTR

      Server Address:

      Port: 21

      You can also access all my shows with your browser at:

      That IP is incase it is truncated.



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