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27949Re: [OTRMP3] For those of you who are interested in Unshackled programs

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  • Robert M. Bratcher Jr.
    Apr 1, 2003
      At 03:56 PM 4/1/2003 +0200, you wrote:
      >I really don't know anything about Joyce Meyer ministries. Sorry...I wish I
      >could help you. There is a sermon audio place that you can download free
      >sermons...one at a time unless you pay (but they don't know about GetRight
      >and I've downloaded as many as my line can do without paying by using
      >Getright.) :) (they used to be free, and then they went to no downloading
      >unless you paid, and they probably lost almost everyone and then they
      >decided to let you download one at a time, or listen live to as many as you
      >wanted. Now the only people who pay are the ones who put sermons up there.
      >That link is www.sermonaudio.com
      > and there is more there than you could possibly ever listen to, on any
      >topic your heart desires.

      Joyce Meyer isn't there nor is any other "Charismatic" preacher.

      Couple of guy's give away free cassettes & they are both Full Gospel like

      Duane Sheriff 4 tapes per week.


      Andrew Wommack 3 tapes per week.

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