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classification of mechanical calculating machines

Hello collectors of mechanical calculators Peter Haertel now finished "The classification of mechanical calculating machines": Part 1: Introduction Part 2:
Jan 21

Please change all of your passwords for Yahoo as they have been hack

Since Yahoo see fit not to tell us these things when they happen, you need to change every one of your Yahoo passwords again and please don't use the same
Jan 31, 2014

Re: Royal Institution Christmas 1978 Science Lectures from Britain

That's wonderful to see pictures of it. They are all new to me.   The "brain" of the calculator is most likely a normal Sinclair calculator. The
Aug 10, 2012

Re: Royal Institution Christmas 1978 Science Lectures from Britain

Tony, Thanks for the link to see the video of this incredible machine. One of these (or maybe the only one!) came up on eBay a couple of years ago and the
Nigel Tout
Aug 10, 2012

Royal Institution Christmas 1978 Science Lectures from Britain

They have put up a video from Christmas 1978. If you do not know the RI lectures in Britain, they are an unashamed Christmas treat for Children and adults.
Aug 10, 2012

Fwd: Re: Antique Adding Machines

I'm forwarding this note I received. If interested, contact Valerie directly. ... Subject: Re: Antique Adding Machines Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 08:34:20 -0500
Dec 1, 2011

calcs available

I'll take any offer for Underwood (Olivetti) 582PD electronic calc. and throw in TCA DP-1200 free. -- Jay Respler ADVANCED BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 732-431-1464
Nov 15, 2011

Craig 4501 on Ebay

If anyone is interested, there's a Craig 4501 on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/140595533666?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Aug 21, 2011

dust cover available

Unitrex cover @ $2 includes shipping. I think it's new but dusty. I don't know what model it is for. -- Jay Respler ADVANCED BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 732-431-1464
Aug 15, 2011

Re: Arabic-Indic display calculator

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 02:54:56 -0500, mrcalc@... ... My! Very nifty! Much appreciated. In the label that gives explanations and
Nicholas Bodley
Feb 25, 2011

Arabic-Indic display calculator

I've uploaded photos to our Yahoo group of a calculator that I bought at a swap meet years ago. I have no background information on it and unfortunately it
Feb 22, 2011

Re: Largest digits?

... I think that Sanyo's ICC-162 (and similar Dictaphone 1620) have a similar-sized or slightly larger digit. There were other less-capable versions (ICC-121
Rick Bensene
Feb 22, 2011

Are there, or were there, any calcs. made with Hindu-Arabic displays

These are also called "Arabic-Indic" digits; they are used in countries where one finds the Arabic writing system. See the Wikipedia article "Hindu–Arabic
Nicholas Bodley
Feb 22, 2011

Re: Largest digits?

... There might be, but I would not want to use what I saw. The digits were typographically condensed, which is to say that they were very narrow and tall.
Nicholas Bodley
Feb 22, 2011

Largest digits?

Largest digits? Hi All! I have a calculator with very large digits (20 mm height). Iskra 211. http://www.leningrad.su/museum/show_calc.php?n=124 I have a
Sergei Frolov
Feb 22, 2011
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