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Re: New file uploaded to oklahomametaldetectingclub

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  • Mike
    Thanks Larry. I ve uploaded a file (Discrimination Chart) which may have some benefit. As you can see the there is a conductive difference between the the
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 31, 2006
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      Thanks Larry.

      I've uploaded a file (Discrimination Chart) which may have some
      benefit. As you can see the there is a conductive difference between
      the the older copper pennies and the newer zinc cents; although not
      much. Hence my question about the date on your test penny.

      I keep the optional 5.75" coil on my Vaquero 90% of the time for the
      very reasons we're discussing. The good folks at Tesoro have no idea
      what type of hunting a their customers will be doing, so they put
      an "all purpose" coil in the box with their detectors. Most
      detectorists I know hunt parks, schoolyards, and others areas that
      contain a lot of trash. Getting your coil over more than one target
      at a time can drive a anyone crazy. A smaller coil will help isolate
      some of these targets with only a small loss in depth IMO. Some folks
      are into hunting Civil War battlefields looking for relics in a very
      large area. These guys will swear by their large Wide-Scan coils that
      cover a lot of ground quickly and get maximum depth. The point is:
      don't limit yourself by thinking that the coil that came with your
      machine is the best one suited for your type of hunting.

      I see your in South Central Oklahoma and want to tell you about one
      of my better finds while hunting in Kingston a few years ago. I was
      hunting just a few feet South of the Railroad Tracks where there are
      some concrete structures that were probably loading docks for rail
      cars many years ago. It's an area where the city is/was doing some
      landscaping to help beautify the area. I found a nice 1901 Quarter
      there. I was in soil that was very loosely compacted so I'm sure it
      was in some that was brought in for landscaping. That area might be
      worth checking out for you folks that live near there.


      --- In oklahomametaldetectingclub@yahoogroups.com, "Larry"
      <Lkillebrew1@...> wrote:
      > Hope it helps, twas an effort to try to learn the characteristics
      > this machine. Son-In-Law is out shooting me 2 to 1 on coins, he is
      > using a $150.00 bounty hunter. I have to figure out how to
      > some of the junk I am digging! umm it was a semi scientific test
      > frought with human and feline error, the cat decided the yard stick
      > was a kitty springboard... reset yard stick 3 or 4 times,
      > measurements may vary as much as an inch.
      > 1. Std 9x8 coil, am thinking smaller coil might settle this beast a
      > bit. Don't know, what are your thoughts?
      > 2. Newer penny, 2005... didnt even think about the copper content,
      > pulled one out of my pocket, glued it to paint stick and started
      > test. Duh! It didnt occur to me to check date.
      > 3. Overall impression, Vaquero is light, sensitive, knobs all work,
      > lifetime warantee and price sold me. It hits on a lot of stuff...
      > this may sound like an oxymoron, but it picks up too much. At least
      > for the sites I have searched.
      > The Vaquero is great for relic hunters, it is not as good for coin
      > shooters. I have limited expereince so bear that in mind... I have
      > used it on five outings so far, I have not been able to
      > out all (or even much) of the junk... even with descrim turned all
      > the way up and sensitivity all the way down I still get false
      > on rusted iron.
      > The ground balance could be frustrating, but is easily mastered
      > a couple of outings and some experimenting... Manual ground balance
      > was a selling point to me. I want to tune and tweak, the more knobs
      > the better for me. It just takes a while to learn what tuning and
      > tweaking can do and cant do.
      > I cannot compare this to my old detector as that one was a micronta
      > late 70's model that I used to find electrical boxes covered by
      > sheetrock crews on my jobs... I hunted scrap metal a little but not
      > enough to be an expert at all.
      > I would be and should be considered a novice at metal detecting so
      > take my opinions with a grain of salt. It would have been easier to
      > have saved my money and bought a Whites with the screen that tells
      > you what might be down there and how deep it might be. Would be
      > easier on beginners than trying to learn what the tone for depth
      > small target sounded like.
      > I am confident that I will get this machine figured out, it is
      > longer than I expected... I may be a slow learner. Just gripes me
      > that a $150.00 detector and a 22 yr old kid is kicking my butt on
      > coins. That will change I have something working in my favor... Old
      > age and treachery will beat youth and inexperience in the long run.
      > Next time we go out, I am salting the field with newer pennies and
      > sending him after them. That way I can bide my time and find a few
      > nice targets while he is digging 2005 pennies... poor kid, thats
      > he gets for sleeping with my daughter.
      > Larry
      > > > File : /tesoro depth.xls
      > > > Uploaded by : ldk1959 <Lkillebrew1@>
      > > > Description : Depth, Descrim Test
      > > Good info Larry, thanks for sharing it with us. A lot to digest.
      > >
      > > I also have a Vaquero, although I don't use it much. I've got an
      > > older Bandito uMax I've had since 97 that I put most of my faith
      > in.
      > > I need to spend more time with the Vaquero so your chart is of
      > > particular interest to me.
      > >
      > > I do have 3 questions. While performing the Air Tests:
      > >
      > > 1 = Did you use the standard 9 X 8 elliptical coil?
      > >
      > > 2 = Was the copper penny used an older (pre 82) 97% copper penny
      > a
      > > newer copper coated zinc cent?
      > >
      > > And......
      > >
      > > 3 = What is your overall impression of the Vaquero? In comparison
      > to
      > > the older detectors it seems "noisy" to me.
      > >
      > > It seems detectors are a lot like women. The more sensitive they
      > are;
      > > the more noisy and unstable they are. (Just joking ladies)
      > >
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