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Re: Need Information on Good Brand of Metal Dectector

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  • Buck Rogers
    Dianne....There are a lot of older machines out there. Last year I even saw a couple of BFO s in a pawn shop. BFO s are one of the first types of detectors
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 16 6:58 AM
      Dianne....There are a lot of older machines out there. Last year I even
      saw a couple of BFO's in a pawn shop. BFO's are one of the first types
      of detectors we hunted with. In there day they were good. I like the
      Garrett an have owned 3 of them. I started useing a detector back in
      the 1960's and have owned over 20 in my life of differant Brands. I
      still use the old GMCX2 but it is a 1990 machine. It works pretty good
      even by todays standard. In my opinion you just need some one to show
      you how to use what you have or some one to look at what you have as
      some of the older stuff is more trouble than its worth. Post a picture
      if you want of the machine an a close up of the control box that would
      give some of us an idea of what you are trying to work with. Buck
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      <ddflow@...> wrote:
      > Hi,I joined the group little while back so I am a new at this.I have a
      > question to ask opinions on metal detectors.My husband & I are trying
      > to get retired ( not working fast enough ). We have a place by
      > Texhoma,we love to hunt the beaches walk and look, rocks,
      > arrowheads,just about anything! I have my Grandfathers OLD OLD
      > detector.Not good! Then last summer I bought 2 from a guy (from New
      > York)they were Garrets.I am not sure they are any good plus we have
      > no real experience or traning on how to use them. The man showed me
      > very little it didn't help. Very frustrating trying to learn, I also
      > got the manuels & we didn't get any further.We also have no
      > headphones.I paid him $300. for the both which was a good step for me
      > to do but it was going to be something we could both do for
      > would like to get us another one & don't want to make the same costly
      > mistake.Any sugestions? also on headphones. I have looked on e-bay
      > times but just not sure. Thanks so much for any help. Dianne & Stan

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