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Re: new detector and first finds

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  • Mike
    Sam, sounds like that new White s detector has got you fired up. Now, if we could just get some more rain to help soften up the ground a little. As for your
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2006
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      Sam, sounds like that new White's detector has got you fired up.
      Now, if we could just get some more rain to help soften up the
      ground a little. As for your braggin on Wayne's Detector Sales; I
      concur. I've bought two detectors from Wayne over the years. I
      still stop in occasionally to swap treasure hunting stories. Keep
      us informed on what you find with your new Prizm 3. Good Luck.

      --- In oklahomametaldetectingclub@yahoogroups.com, "samwatkins_75"
      <samwatkins_75@...> wrote:
      > I took out my "new to me" Goldmaster 2 a few times lately and
      > have any real luck at all.So far I've dug up nothing but
      > nails ,aluminum scrap,a hot wheel car,and a lid to an old mason
      > which incidentally used to have milk/slag glass lids unbeknownst
      > till I dug it up, So I did learn something which is always cool.To
      > make a long story a teensy tiny bit shorter,I decided to sell the
      > Goldmaster 2 and buy a newer detector.Good call BJbingo! Luckily
      > brother wanted it so I got back what I paid for it.He's an
      > eletronics engineering major so he wants to take it apart and see
      > how it works and see if he can't modify it and make it variable
      > frequency.Who knows what other mods he'll dream up. Anyway ... I
      > went to Wayne's detector shop on s.w. Pennsylvania ave and picked
      > up a White's Prizm 3. That owner is real nice by the way and runs
      > pretty nice shop, seems he got near everthing you could ever want
      > for treasure hunting.I have to say the prizm 3 is pretty neat. For
      > starters, it's just way cooler looking than the bounty hunters and
      > the treasure aces, which is important because I just gotta look
      > while I'm detecting , because, I don't know, I'm a lil bit vain I
      > guess. On top of that, it works pretty nice too. I took it out of
      > the box and put it together when I got to my brothers place and we
      > took it out to the backyard. I found my first quarter right
      > away.unfortunely we couldn't stay at his place long because he had
      > prior engagement, so he dropped me off at my place. I found 4
      > pennies right out my front door soon after I got home. I've only
      > used the detector maybe an hour today and I'm up to 29 cents! Ha!
      > Only $299.61 and this bad boy will have paid for itself.Of course,
      > at this rate it might take a while.Maybe if I'm lucky I'll have a
      > good run of luck in the near future and I can get me a MXT or DFX
      > with all the loot I dig Up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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