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Re: [Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club] Idea for Post

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  • Sharon & David LeVine
    Hi welcome to the group for a small quite group you can learn a lot here with these people. I am new to and don t know much found a silver ring once with my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2006
      Hi welcome to the group for a small quite group you can learn a lot here with these people. I am new to and don't know much found a silver ring once with my sister she is the master at it. I live in Watonga and have a new can't spell the one I have right it's a mindlab Quattro (sp)
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      From: Beccy Garvin
      To: oklahomametaldetectingclub@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 11:35 AM
      Subject: [Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club] Idea for Post

      Hi. My name is Beccy Garvin, 50 years old (ouch that hurt to say
      that),live in OKC, and I am new to metal detecting and this group. I
      have spent the last week catching up on the post starting with Post #
      1. I finished this morning. I want to compliment David (dpdave38)
      for his honesty and integrity that he has shown in returning those
      class rings, and for the input he has put into this group. I feel I
      have already learned a tremendous amount from the group by reading the
      post from the beginning to the present.
      I have gone out a couple of times. Found 80 cents and a small 10k
      initial ring at a local park with a Bounty Hunter Quick Draw my first
      time out. I found 52 cents at a school ground, also with the Bounty
      Hunter. I have a used Fisher CZ 5 that is on the way to me, and I am
      anxious to see how it does, as the reviews show this as a very strong
      coin finder. Any body have any feed back on this unit, or settings
      for it that work well in this Oklahoma dirt? I know that the dry dirt
      at this time sure is hard to dig...man oh man. Can't wait to have
      some moisture in the soil to help out with this.
      I was wondering what you all think about adding a little more info to
      the post without giving away all of your secrets...LOL. What I mean
      by this is how about not only what you found, but a general "where you
      found it, ie. school yard, park, old church, home place, beach, or
      camp ground, field, etc..., and also what detector you were using at
      the time of your find, as I have found a lot of people use more than
      one detector. So, what do you think? Something like this- 80 cents
      clad coin, 1 10k gold initial ring, Found at park with Bounty Hunter
      Quick Draw. I am looking forward to being a member of this group.

      Beccy Garvin
      Oklahoma City


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