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Jesse James - Alive and Well in Brownwood !

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  • Jay L
    From: http://www.centex.net/~sjshumat/russell/Group%20Sheets/Marth%20Elizabeth%20Foste r%20Group%20Sheet.pdf **** Notes Charlie Granvill FOSTER Spelling of
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      Charlie Granvill FOSTER
      Spelling of middle name - Death Certificate spelling is Charles Granville. Bible
      spelling is Granvill.
      Called Grand Papa by his grandchildren.
      Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion - Arterio Sclerosis Hypertension. Death date
      on cemetery marker
      says 1947, Foster Bible says 1948, Death Certificate says 1948.
      1900 McColloch Co., TX, Prec #1, #175
      Notes from Annie Bell Foster Fortune - 1970's
      Charlie's Father died when Charlie was 12. That would make it ca 1881.
      According to family tradition, Charlie and his brothers and sisters were left
      orphans, and they came to
      Montague County, Texas, without their parents. They lived in the Bowie area.
      Several branches of the
      family say traditions says that Charlie was cousins to Jessie James. More
      research is needed to determine
      this exact link to the James Family. It is definite that Charley's Grandfather
      Peter R. Foster married Sarah
      James in TN in the 1820's
      Whatever the connection, it is definite that Jessie & Frank James and Charley
      Foster were cousins. It
      should be noted that after Frank James got out of jail, he worked as a security
      guard in the Fort Worth,
      Texas area. Members of his family were living there around 1900, Tarrant County
      and in Fort Worth, TX.
      Cole Younger is said to have visited a relative in Brownwood, TX after he got
      out of jail, sometime after
      1900. According to Brownwood's centennial newspaper, the man he visited was
      named Ford and is
      speculated to have been Jessie James, who came to the Brownwood area and opened
      a bank around
      1880. [See newspaper in files.] I believe this was a relative or good friend to
      the James family. Cole
      Younger stopped in Brady, TX to visit as well. Grandpa Foster often related the
      story of seeing his first
      cousin and childhood playmate, Jessie James, long after he was reported killed,
      "walking down the street
      in Brownwood" sometime after 1900. Charlie is said to have exclaimed "Jessie! I
      heard you was dead!"
      And Jessie replied, "Not Yet!"
      Martha and Charlie met at a Community Dance in McCulloch County around 1889 or
      early in 1890.
      Grandmother Annie Bell said that they loved to dance! However, Grandma Annie
      said that she never did
      like to dance much....but her mother and Dad loved it.
      Grandmother said that her Daddy was a gambler, often betting on horse races. He
      once lost the farm, and
      the family had to move. Another time, the horse he bet on stepped in a hole on
      the track and lost the
      race. Grandpa had bet the sow and piglets that belonged to Great Grandmother
      Martha, and she went to
      town on a horse, with Grandma on behind....to get a divorce! Couldn't find the
      lawyer, or Grandpa Foster!
      Grandmother said "Everywhere we asked, he had just left ahead of us!"



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